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Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Easiest Patriotic Fruit Cup

Thursdays are quickly becoming a recipe day for me!

Given that Memorial Day is right around the corner aaaaand July 4th, yes - I said what I said, isn't too far behind, I thought I'd share this incredibly simple treat!

Seriously, you guys - this is THE easiest thing EVER!

What you'll need:



Cool Whip

Graham Crackers

That's it.

I had the kids break up the graham crackers in a Ziplock bag by using a rolling pin and then we assembled this fun little treat together.

I promise you, the kids will love it and it takes two minutes to throw together, as did this blog post! ;)

Enjoy, my friends!

Thanks for stopping by for this quick and easy recipe!

See you tomorrow!

Marie :)