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Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

It's almost time to kick-off the weekend and I seriously can't wait, but first I need to share with you my Friday Favorites!


Let's start here with this IG post from Madison Vining.  This speaks to me...it really, truly speaks to me...  LOL!


This week I shared some ridiculously cute and affordable swimsuits that I found on Amazon - you can find the post here.  I bought the one on the top left AND the one on the bottom/in the middle and I couldn't be happier!


Speaking of swimsuits, I recently purchased this mermaid two-piece swimsuit for Eliza and oh-my-goodness it's sooooo stinkin' adorable!  Can you believe I bought it for around ten bucks?!  I thought for sure it would disintegrate upon entering the water, but so far so good.

The fit is also wonderful.  Eliza is tall for her age so I ended up going with the XL 5/6 size and it fits her like a glove.  It's seriously the cutest thing ever!

I only wish I had had this when I was little...

Who's with me?

Oh and one last thing, the last time I checked it was for sale for only $6.39.  Score!

Here's my little silly-and-sassy-mermaid-haired-girly-girl modeling off her suit.  ;)



I've finished reading The Magnolia Story and it was everything I'd hoped it to be and more.  Even if Joanna's style isn't YOUR kind-of-style, you'll still find this book to be inspirational...I promise.  I'm never one to re-read a book, but I'm keeping this one close by for motivational purposes.


This meme.  Because The Bachelor. ;) ;) ;)


I'm trying to blog more...like really trying.

Thank goodness for those you who host link-ups, not only do you keep us bloggers (if I can even be called that) connected, but, for me, linking up keeps my brain intact.  LOL!

I'm sure most of you are already well-aware of these link-ups, but for those you who are looking for blogging inspiration and the best virtual friendships ever, look no further than these linky parties!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Marie :)

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