Saturday, July 25, 2015

From Nursery to Big Girl Bedroom...

Once upon a time, I was pregnant with a little baby.  The Hubs and I didn't find out the gender until the day of Baby K's arrival, so we decorated a neutral-themed nursery with adorable little lambs. 
It was a simple and sweet little nursery.  It really was...
Family and the Lake House - Sheep Nursery
Out popped Henry and Boom!  Blue was the accent color. 

Family and the Lake House - Sheep Nursery
Before we knew it, we had another baby - a girl.  The nursery stayed the same (except for Henry's photos and such) since we once again didn't find out the gender.  Let's just say, the cute-blue accent-lamb nursery-fairytale ended.  The overall neutral-themed nursery just wasn't cutting it anymore.  It, instead, had become more of a spew of little lambs/blues/pinks/hand-me-downs - ultimately it became a room with no direction.
It was time for something new.
Something personalized.
Something vibrant.
Something girly.
Something pink.
After all, how much longer do I have before I can't make these sort of design choices?  Miss. Eliza is already very adamant on wearing a dress, I'm sure her "design" choices are right around the corner. 
*help me* ;)
I gave my kiddos a couple of paint brushes and told them to take care of it...
Kidding, of course...well, sort of...
Family and the Lake House
Okay, okay.  They could only reach so high.  I suppose it was up to me to get the job done and add those vibrant details (AKA super girly floral wallpaper).
Family and the Lake House

Enter:  Marie at 1 a.m.  The most reasonable time to work on a home project is while the kids are sleeping.  AmIRight?!  Who's with me?!!

I kid you not that my neighbor arrived home from his third shift job and saw me working on this space from the outside.  I heard him cough at one point, perhaps in an attempt to get my attention so that he could ask me what the heck I was doing.  Ooooor....he just had to cough and I'm just paranoid. 

Probably the latter.

<Insert blurry phone picture of #organizedchaos>
Family and the Lake House

I finally finished the job at 2 a.m.  Aaaaaand the kids promptly woke up at 7:30 a.m. 


Eliza loved it and it made my heart oh-so-very-happy to see her "Oooohing" and "Aaaahing" over her new big girl bedroom walls.  :)

I'm absolutely in love with this space.  It gives me tingles every time I walk by it. 

Oh and I just noticed that the mirror is nice and grimy.  I believe Eliza was "cleaning" the mirror for me when I took this picture.  Oh well, that's real life for ya', folks!
Family and the Lake House - Floral Wallpaper
I can't wait to show you what I'm working on next.  Hint:  It involves chalk paint...lots of chalk paint...
Thanks for stopping by. 
Marie :)
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