Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Amazon Prime Purchases

Hello friends!  I'm linking up with Tanya today to share some of my favorite Amazon Prime Purchases!  Be sure to visit her page and scroll through all of the other fun finds.  I've got to tell ya', this is quickly becoming one of my favorite link-ups EVER - it's so fun to see what others are finding over on Amazon!

Okay, so - in no particular order here are some of my fav Prime Purchases...

My girlfriends threw me a Surprise Baby Sprinkle two Fridays ago and I knew I'd need to send out some thank you cards (which I've yet to do- yikes!).

I found these thank you cards and I think they're just so darn pretty!  In fact, I feel like they go along with the whole "bunny and garden theme" from the shower and in baby's nursery... OH! AND if we have any cards left over they're not to "baby-ish" to use as thank you cards from other occasions in the future.

Thank you cards

If ya'll are following Rachel Hollis then you know her second book came out today!!!  I pre-ordered this book a while back and it's set to arrive sometime this afternoon!  EEK!  So excited!

Girl Stop Apologizing

You guys - we've been hand sanitizing fools over here!  A couple months ago we found this spray and I love how it leaves my hands feeling clean, and not grimy or sticky like some hand sanitizers tend to do - I'm a fan, that's for sure!


Okay, so I'm sharing this maternity/nursing tunic because I know I'm going to be living in it!  I ordered an XL due to the fact that I know I'm not going to want to feel restricted in any way once baby arrives and I mean, let's be real, after the birth of a baby nothing is where it ought to be, am I right, ladies?

I tried this sucker on as soon as it arrived and I fell in love.  If you see me wearing this in three years please don't judge...just know that I'm incredibly comfortable.  ;)

I've shown this wallpaper a few times on here and I just needed to show it one more time.

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you want to try out wallpapering at an affordable price, this is your answer.  It was waaaay easy to put up and I'm highly considering buying another design for my bookcases!  I love that it's not permanent, it won't mess up any of our walls and that it's affordable.  Let me know if you end up ordering some - I'd love to get inspired!

We ordered this dresser for the nursery and I must say, I'm seriously impressed.  I had originally intended on ordering one from IKEA, but to have it delivered was another hundred dollars - Whoa Nelly!!!  If we had chosen to make the drive to IKEA it would have taken us four hours roundtrip - two hours there and two hours back...we just didn't have the time to make that trip happen this winter, so - Amazon to the rescue!

I'll be showing more of this dresser as soon as I can finish up the nursery...which will probably happen in the year 2027...Hmm...I should really, really finish up that nursery.....................................

This is another product I've talked about before.  Our house is a 1970's ranch and our bathrooms are most definitely on the smaller side.

When we had our Master Bathroom Renovated this past December I knew we needed a hamper, but it had to be slim.  This guy arrived and WOW - it did the trick!  In fact, it's been so perfect that I have another one being delivered tomorrow for the kids' bathroom!  Yay for space savers!

Laundry Hamper

So there you have it - a random list of some of our favorite Prime Purchases!  What are you loving from Amazon?!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Marie :)

Monday, February 25, 2019

A Surprise Sprinkle!

Hey guys!  Happy Monday to ya!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - we sure did over here!

We were able to get some more cleaning accomplished, we got caught up on some organizing and best of all, my girlfriends threw me a surprise baby sprinkle!!!!

Oh.  Em.  to the Geeeeeee!!!

Waaaaay back in December we (my girlfriends and I) had discussed getting together for a girl's night out...preferably something that involved Mexican food.  I figured since I would still be pregnant I could be the DD.  We did this a couple of years ago when our friend, Ashley, was pregnant and boy, did we have a fun time!

Anyway, February finally rolled around and we confirmed that we would all indeed be available for dinner on February 22nd - game on!

So on Friday I picked up my neighbor, Amy, and we headed to the restaurant (it's always hilarious when we pull into each other's driveways because we live like 15 feet apart from each other - LOL).

As we walked up the stairs of the restaurant I saw my favorite group of ladies and they shouted, "Surprise!" and "Happy Baby Shower!"

I about died.



My sister popped out from under the table!

You guys.

I was beside myself.  I was NOT expecting to see her!

So at this point I was still putting everything together.  I had SOOOO many questions, but my eyes were 100% consumed with all of the gorgeous decor.  The nursery has some bunnies in it and so the theme of the shower also became bunny themed.  There were carrots, radishes, bok choy, kale, gorgeous roses and tulips...I mean, these ladies went ALL OUT!  I'm still pinching myself over how lucky I am to have such thoughtful friends.  They're the best, THE BEST - and I somehow need to repay them!

Also, let me just say, for a pregnant girl who couldn't partake in the drinking, I had THE best time!!!  My friends are so much fun to talk to and there were times when my sister and I agreed that it felt like we were watching a tv show - "dull" would not be a word to express what it's like going out with these ladies.  They're fun!  SO MUCH FUN!  I just love, love, love them!

Anyway, as the night progressed so many things were making sense to me....all of these things that had happened over the last month or so that I had become completely oblivious to suddenly started to come together...these little tricksters!!!

I kid you not, next to the birth of my children and Jon proposing to me, this shower and having my sister pop out from under that table sure is up there in the "Most Memorable and Surprised Moments of My Life Category!"

Okay, so now let me get to the pictures.

I'm still in awe at how much effort went into all of this...

Get ready, because I apparently have more facial movement and expressions/reactions than Lucille Ball!  LOL!

These decorations...  I mean... COME.  ON.  I was in love!

Radishes, carrots...


This most adorable sign from my neighbor, Amy!  My heart!  Oh I love it and it's surrounded by kale!!!

The gift table!  These ladies spoiled me...they spoiled me reaaaaaal good!!!

There was just too much cuteness!

The girls knew the way to my heart...alcohol for the win!

No... I wasn't actually drinking...  only three more weeks though!!!!

My sister made some adorable baby booties!

Oh and red wine for a girl and blue wine for a boy.  Nice touch!

Sweet books...

Me feeling the love...and feeling utterly overwhelmed...

The sweetest robe and matching outfit for baby!

I tried it on and gave my best, "I'm in labor face."

It's a keeper!!!


A mud mask!

My friend Sara made this sweet hat and this softest blanket ever.  She REALLY should start an Etsy shop...did you hear me, Sara?!  Go start an Etsy shop!!!

Again...practicing!  LOL!  ;)

...aaaaaand this was my best attempt at being a "Housewife" of some "County" while cutting my cake!  Hahaha!


It was so fun to let loose and be silly!

Thanks again ladies for an amazing night...and kiddos to Jon for keeping it a secret from me for so long!!!!

I promise not post about myself again for a while.  LOL!!!  I'm sure you're all tiring of my face by now!  Hahaha!

Thanks a million for stopping by!

Marie :)

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Maternity Pictures

Hey friends!  I'm popping in today to finally share my maternity pictures with all of you!

Consider this blog post just one enormous photo dump; less talky, talky, you know what I mean?

Anyhoo, my photographer sent these last week and I'm still so thrilled with how she captured this last pregnancy of mine.  It sure is bittersweet.  I have zero regrets having these taken, awkwardness and all!

If scrolling through a bunch of pictures of pregnant Marie isn't your jam, I totally get it - feel free to just close your browser...

However, if you're like, "Hmm...I wonder how many poses Marie can have holding her sweet baby in the womb..." then, by all means, feel free to proceed.  ;)

Thanks for scrolling through!

Whoever leaves a comment with the number of times I'm holding my belly wins a trip to.........

aaaaaaaaaand I'm kidding.  ;)

In all seriousness, thanks again for visiting my blog!

Marie :)

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