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Thursday, October 20, 2022

DIY Spooky Skeleton Candle Holder or Snack Tray

Hey, Hey, Hey!  It's Almost Halloween Day!

I'm still over here creating and crafting away and today I bring to you this dollar store candle holder/snack display tray...this can be utilized any way your heart desires!  I'm using mine at the moment as a candle holder and it's perfectly spooky!!!

All you'll need are some skulls, some plastic bowls or any sort of small tray,  spray paint and some hot glue!

Hot glue a skull to the bowl...

...perform a surgery...

...hot glue and hot glue again.  Then you'll want to spray paint this little creation.  I was between gold and black.  White could look cool, too!

I used one of my Christmas candles and would you look at that, the easiest and spookiest candle holder around!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends!

Have the most spooktacular day!  ;)

Marie :)

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  1. This is super cute!! You are just the crafting queen this Halloween! I love seeing all of your creations!