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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Summer Fun from Amazon

Gasp!  I'm back with another blog post for the month!  That makes two for the month - well, in fact that makes two for the entire year!  I'm killing it!  ;)

I thought I'd hop on over here to share some of our favorite tried and true non-technology goodness for summer!  I've got mesh bags for ya, colorful and fun spray foam, a unicorn and lots more!

Let's start with these mesh beach/shell/rock bags!  We've had these for yeeeears!  They've been to the tippy top of Michigan and all the way down to the white sands of Florida.  They're great for scavenger hunts, shells and rocks!  They're also a fantastic end of school gift for preschoolers and elementary students!

This little bubble machine has provided Jane with lots of happy memories!  We partake in a ton of dance parties in our kitchen and more times than not have bubbles going to intensify the our dance moves!  Ha!  The older kids have fun with it, too!  Set it by the pool and really turn it up a notch!

This mesh bag of beach toys has been awesome!  There are so many pieces and they've held up well,  It's so easy to carry, too!


This rollercoaster is awesome!  We don't currently have the unicorn version, but same idea.  We've used this in the driveway, garage and inside the house on snowy or rainy days!  A must-have!

We've had this Pony Cycle for a number of years now and it's always been a hit!  Henry who is ten years old can still ride it and Jane started to slowly get the hang of it when she was around 18 months!  Worth every penny - it's also a great Christmas gift if you're an early buyer. ;)

We bought this bumper car for Jane and it's so fun to see her move around on it, albeit she's still a little afraid of it.  A girlfriend of mine has one for her 11 month old and she just uses the remote control to move her little girl all around!  It's quite comical!

The neighbor boys have these wiggle cars and they've always had a blast on them.  Henry and Eliza love giving them a go anytime they can get their hands on them!

A few years ago Santa bought these scooters for the kids - best gifts EVER!  The kids use them all the time.  All.  The.  Time.  'Nuff said.

If you'd like to motorize it, look no further than this segway.  While I've yet to attempt a ride, Jon and the kids love these and if you follow me on the 'gram you know this to be true!  Be sure to wear helmets! 

The Easter bunny brought this foam this year and the kids loooooved it!  I plan to get more and have them spray the slip-n-slide - because we're dangerous like that!  This idea may also require helmets.  Ha!

Henry received a huge glider for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and while these aren't the *exact* ones, the reviews are AMAZING!!!  These gliders will be arriving to our house via Amazon by Memorial Day weekend!

I mean, what's summer without waterballoons?!  Load up now!  ;)
We've always loved a good water blaster!  Another fun find to use in the backyard, pool or beach!

Camping?  Rainy day?  A fun Friday night?!  Kids Against Maturity will provide you with tons of giggles!  Our kids love this game and you will, too!!!

Okay, thats a great place to stop - so much goodness

Thanks for stopping by and happy summer fun to one and all! 

Marie :)

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Henry is 10!

It's official!

Henry is 10!  10?!  Double digits!  Two whole hands!

First of all, let me start off with the obligatory, "How am I old enough to have a 10 year old?"  It seems like yesterday..........all of it.

Oh, the memories we've made, my sweet Henry.  The memories that are forever engrained in Mom and Dad's brains and hearts of you being our first born, our son, the one who made us parents.  It's not favoritism by any means, however it does carry/play a different tune.  The moments were quieter, the days were soft, playtime was mesmerizing.  We watched as you played and we dreamed of all that you'd become during those innocent moments.  Who the heck were you?  What were you going to be like as a one-year old, two, five and now ten year old?

Ten years later and wow!  You take our breath away.  Mama tells you all the time that you're constantly losing teeth because it means your brain is growing. ;) I suppose the same can be said about your heart.  As you get older you seem to grow taller to my lips for a sweet kiss on the forehand.  Your heart is growing, my boy, and reluctantly for me, so is your body.

I've kissed you goodnight almost every night of your existence.  It's one of my favorite things.  How I'm going to miss those nights - your soft little boy cheeks, your messy hair and stinky breath, the Legos strewn about, your magic books hidden under your bed and your little pieces of paper which are all part of a game that you, Eliza and the neighbor boys love to play.

It won't always be this way.  I know that.  In the meantime, please stay silly.  Please continue to dance in the kitchen - you've ALWAYS been a phenomenal dancer (you get it from your Mama ;)).  Continue to love magic.  Grandpa George and I once pulled off an amazing impromptu trick that had you questioning the universe itself!  Please continue to "believe" - just for one more year....please-oh-please.  Please continue to put your shirts on backwards...at least a few more times.  We love it when you want to cook something yourself - keep doing that, too.  You can whip up scrambled eggs, you love to help cook "little meat" (turkey meat for tacos) and you and Eliza are professional brownie makers.  Your shoes are terrible.  I absolutely adore how sloppy your shoes look in the mornings.  I never correct it...not yet anyway.  We need to keep playing hide-and-seek and we promise to play Capture the Flag a lot with you this summer.  

You and Dad have a lot in common.  The two of you love to play Chess.  Daddy likes when you go to the track with him.  Apparently you arrive and no sooner are you off and running.  Dad loves exposing you to his knowledge of math, space and all things science.  He bought a DNA kit and microscope for you years ago in an attempt to expose you to his interests.  Please know how much your Dad loves and adores you.  Keep giving him the biggest of hugs and be sure to continue to tickle him from time to time.  ;). 

You love to cuddle.  I haven't been doing that as much lately.  Get ready for more snuggles at bedtime.  The days are fleeting.  

Continue to grow your confidence.  Confidence can go a long way, but use it wisely...keep some of it to yourself.  If done well, you'll build strong character.  A confident, radiant, smart and oh-so-loving and giving type of strong character.  Be good when nobody is watching and give without wanting anything in return.

Above all else, please take it slow for these next eight years.  Ten flew right on by and our hearts can't fathom how quickly this next chapter will go...

On our end of the deal, we promise to always be there for you.  Together we have a love for you that's greater than the black holes you love to read about.  How grateful we are to have you in our lives and how grateful we are for the lessons you have taught us.  You've molded us with patience, persistence, and with a love we didn't know existed.

Take it slow, take it easy, work hard and continue to soar!  We love you with all that we are and all that we have.  To the moon and back, to the edge of the universe and back, forever and always, love you more.  Happy 10th Birthday, our sweet Henry, Happy 10th Birthday.


Mama and Dad :)

*Mom is now sobbing uncontrollably*