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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Hey, hey, hey - It's Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with AndreaShaySheaffer and Mel for What's Up Wednesday.

Let's see what we've been up to over here...

{What We're Eating This Week}

Wednesday - Baked Balsamic Chicken and Edamame Salad (below)
Thursday - Fattoush Salad with Chicken and Hummus
Friday - Our Version of Mongolian BBQ Stir-Fry
Saturday - Out
Sunday - Brats, Pasta Salad, Corn and Sweet Potato Fries
Monday - White Sauce Enchiladas
Tuesday - Spaghetti
Wednesday - Grocery Shopping Day ;)

{What I'm Reminiscing About}

The kids.  It's mostly always the kids.  I've been reminiscing a lot of their other "first days of school."

They've grown so much!

{What I'm Loving}

Having a little free time while the kids are at school.  I get lonely, sure, but I've gotta say, it's nice to sloooooowly grocery shop, run errands and clean.  The latter is a work in progress.  ;)

{What We've Been Up To}

We're in school mode (check out my back-to-school recap here).

I've been trying really hard to leave early in the mornings so that Henry has ample time to play on the playground and I've been trying to get in the pick up line nice and early, too.

So far, so good.  Yes!

{What I'm Dreading}

Laundry.  Always laundry. 😩
Image result for laundry meme

{What I'm Working On}

I'm trying to blog as much as I can.  To hit publish as many times in a week as possible.  I need to get back to reading my blog friends' blogs and actually commenting on those, too.

Also, once the laundry gets done (if that ever happens) I have a BUNCH of organizing type projects I'd love to get to work on!

{What I'm Excited About}


Fall, fall, fall, fall, fall!

Pumpkins, leaves, PSLs, cooler weather, comfort foods...everything, everything fall!

Image result for fall meme

You guys...this meme is soooo me...


{What I'm Reading/Watching}

I've been reading, Girl, Wash Your Face, in the evenings and/or in the school pick up line and I love it!  It's providing me with the little kick in the rear end that I've been needing!

I haven't really been watching a lot of tv since the kids started school, but I try to never miss an episode of The Housewives of Orange County!

I've just been too pooped by the end of the day to even keep my eyes open long enough to watch much of anything.  No worries though, a little Orange County drama can help keep my little-reality-tv-heart happy for quite some time.

Image result for housewives of orange county


{What I'm Listening To}

Podcasts, some Hamilton, sweet silence...  ;)

{What I'm Wearing}

Right now I'm wearing a dress!  WooHoo!  But I'm mostly back to yoga pants...womp, womp.  I'm soooooo looking forward to busting out some leggings, boots and long, cozy oversized shirts!

{What I'm Doing This Weekend}

We originally had plans to co-host a little gathering with our friends here in town, but my neighbor and I decided it best to cancel the entire thing since it sounds like everyone has a crazy busy upcoming weekend.  It's okay though, I plan to work on my blog, read, swim, do some boating, work on a few projects and just relax and take in the rest of what's left of our Michigan summer.  :)

{What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month}

Decorating for fall, Homecoming, our local Apple Festival and cooler temps.

{What Else is New}

There are a few new things happening, but I'm going to have to leave you in suspense!  ;)


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Marie :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The First Day of School

Okay, who's ready for a lot of pictures of my kids holding up back-to-school signs?  That's what you came here for, right?  To scroll through picture after picture after picture of practically the same picture of my kids holding a picture suggesting that it's their first day of school.....that's why you're here???  Okay, sooooo - I may have gone a little overboard on the pictures this year, just humor me... ;)

Both kids were thrilled to be going to school.  Henry was heading to second grade and Eliza off to kindergarten!  Oh my heart.

The first day of school started with the annual, First Day of School Breakfast, made by yours truly...

...AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaand here come the pictures upon pictures upon pictures...

Henry couldn't wait!!!

Henry patiently sat awaiting the arrival of his friends.  Once they made an appearance Mama was no longer needed.

Bittersweet, but happy hearts.  :)

Next up, Eliza.

Now let me tell you.  I was a ball of emotions when Henry began kindergarten.  With Eliza, well, she's been soooo eager to begin and I just knew that by her going to school she'd benefit far more than staying home with me...I mean we've had a lot of fun and I love spending time with her, but she was ready... I hope that makes sense.  She's full of lots of energy and always wants to move on to the next thing.  She's a good girl, a sweet and sassy girl, and she marched into that school like a champ.

I cried a little, sure - but I was more happy for her than sad that our staying at home together journey had come to an end.

Olaf made an appearance!

Henry said his first day of second grade was, "The best day EVER!"  Eliza had a few tears only due to getting a little turned around during the school's pick up line procedure.  Overall, a success.  Both kids have been loving school for the last week and Jon and I can't wait to watch them grow.

Oh - and it wouldn't be the first day of school without some sort of celebration, right?

FroYo for the win!

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Marie :)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Life Lately...Before School Began!

Well hello there!  I thought I'd stop by today and catch up on all-things-life-lately.  The three to four weeks before school started back up I just didn't have it in me to get in much blogging.  So here I am today to photo dump a bunch of our August fun here on the ole' blog.

First up, how I felt about still having a few weeks to go before school was to start back up.  I love those kids of mine oh-so-much, but they were oh-so-slowly sucking the life out of me...

We had our dental check-ups - he's smiling here, I promise... ;)

Beautiful sunsets...

Lots of bruised legs from riding our bikes...

We went back "home" for a weekend to visit with family.  Grandma and Grandpa had set up Croquet for the kids and ummm...it was the cutest thing ever...

Henry won!

Eliza came in third...

Next up, my parents' house for visiting, pool time, food and volleyball!

My mom with almost all the grandkids!

My dad, my niece, Jon, my sister and myself got in some volleyball and boy did it feel good!

Next up, a visit to my sister's house.  Jon and our BIL, Derrick were heading to Detroit to watch The Smashing Pumpkins, and Kimmy and I stayed back to tend to the children...

Henry and Eliza with their adorable new little cousin, Marian...

Once the visiting came to an end, Jon and I headed back to our house.  Later in the week I met up with a friend and we took the kids to a Yogi Bear campground for some swimming and waterpark fun...

We voted...

The kids played with a new play doh set...

Eliza channeled my inner 1992 heart.  You guys, she's wearing my First Communion dress and playing with one of those rub transfer kits.  It was like I was looking in a mirror.  Haha!  Oh my heart!

Nubs was ridiculously cute.  Don't ask me how he was breathing?  Cats are mysterious creatures...

Eliza and I headed to the store while Henry was on a play date...

We went to the fair...

Their faces were so funny on this ride...

Cutest thing.  The kids only won one prize and Eliza wanted the "blue dolphin," but Henry was still looking at other toys.  He eventually said, "Just let her have the blue dolphin."  This boy you guys, he may be wearing pants that are way too small for him and he may be soaked from sitting on wet fair rides, but this boy has a heart of gold.  A. Heart. Of. Gold...

We finally, FINALLY ordered Henry a new bed and mattress for his bedroom.  The new one is a twin and not a full, but it'll provide a great deal of space in his room for toys, Pokemon cards and LEGOs.  It was bittersweet to watch his original bed leave his room.  The bed itself belonged to Jon's Grandma and Grandpa and I had painted it years ago to use as a guest bed, but it had served its purpose and served it well.  It was time for change and I'm grateful for all the years we had with it.  Lots of stories, giggles, snuggles and memories have been made in this little spot throughout the years.  It's the little things, isn't it...

Henry's class list and teacher were posted so of course we ran up to the schools in our pajamas to check out all the goodness (I already knew who Henry had, but I had waited to tell him).  I hadn't seen class lists posted since I was a little girl.  I remember riding my bike up to my school to see who I had as a teacher and who my classmates would be.  I loved it and it was incredibly nostalgic to do the same for Henry and Eliza.  Unfortunately, it is 2018 so it was short-lived and the schools removed the lists for security purposes, which I totally understand, but - hey - it was fun while it lasted!  ;)

I went for a run and I saw signs of fall...

We went out to dinner with this diva... ;)

We took these silly humans to Home Depot and gathered material to make a lemonade/apple cider/hot cocoa stand!  Tutorial coming soon!  I promise!

I took the kids to their new schools so that we could check out the playgrounds.  I'm so happy I did this just so I could see what they'd gravitate toward.  The zip lines at Henry's school were winners!

Groceries, chocolate milk and frappes in hand.  Mom life.

The kids opened their letters from their teachers...

I took the kids to the zoo...

You guys!  I went into a TARGET!!!  As you can see, I smothered the kids' faces in order to get a selfie with Target!  L.O.L!!!!  I hadn't been in one since the spring of 2017!!!!  It had been waaaay too long and I was OBVIOUSLY excited and I spent WAY too much money - but that's what you do in a Target, RIGHT??

The last time I was in a Target with BOTH kids I had to buckle them up!  Wow, just WOW!

Also, this year is the first year we had to buy school supplies for Henry!  Ahhhh - I loved everything about this!!!

Eliza has started to take showers now.  She still enjoys the occasional bath, but girlfriend is fiercely independent and loves feeling "all grown up" by showering like mom...

Henry got a haircut.  He's happy, it was just bright outside... ;)

We took the kids to their school/class open houses...

Jon and I went on a date to Indianapolis to spend the night and watch The Smashing Pumpkins (yes, Jon went twice - it's his favorite band EVER).  But not without checking Jon's car's (to which I lovingly refer to as, "the sports car," it's a 2007 Toyota Camry - Bahaha) oil and filling her up on the way.  LOL!  We're so classy!

Our hotel.  It was gorgeous!!!!

Jon had a drink.  Whew!  That puppy was stroooong, great, but strong.  I could smell it from my seat!  Ha!

Dinner...without kids...*gasp*

Selfie at the restaurant...

Selfie kind-of/sorta in front of the venue.  The guy behind Jon was upset that he didn't fully photobomb us.  So funny!

Great show!

A Rolls Royce was parked by our hotel and a crazy lady (ahem...that'd be me) took a selfie with it!  So fancy!

More food.  Breakfast...

Aaaaaaaand back to reality...

...which usually involves lots of swimming...

...and Daddy became a diving board...  Hahaha!  

What a summer!  I have way too many pictures, but I'll stop there.  If you've followed along and made it through all of my recaps, thank you!  I'm hoping to get back to some DIY and home decor goodness here on the blog!  Stick around, it should be fun!

Thanks, guys!

Marie :)