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Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Recap

Did anyone else have another crazy busy weekend?

It sure was a busy one over here.  Totally grateful, not complaining.  ;)

Jon's office party was on Thursday which meant that our weekend began a little earlier than usual.  Elmer helped kicked the long weekend into gear by providing the kids with Trix cereal.  Jon and I refer to this type of cereal as "sugar cereal" and usually the only time the kids have it is if we go to visit my parents.  They were ALL about the "fruity shapes" and I'm not going to lie, so was I.  I've since had two bowls myself...both times after the kids have hit they hay.  ;)

After Jon's office party we walked around for a bit and took in the sights and sounds of the sweet little town we were visiting for the party.  We also stopped by a brewery.  I told Jon to take advantage of his built-in DD for the evening and help himself to a beer.  Not going to lie, just like the cereal, the beer looked soooo good.  Alas, none for me, I did however eat a scrumptious soft pretzel with cheese!

While out and about Jon picked out a unicorn keychain for Eliza with...ahem...sparkle poo... and a rock/diamond set for Henry.  The kids were excited when we arrived home with little toys.  Henry and Eliza threw on their winter coats, headed out to the garage and hammered away to see if they had a diamond in the kit...

Friday consisted of school for the kids and mine and Jon's Friday breakfast date.

After school pick up, we relaxed for a bit, made dinner and then got ready to meet up with my friend Liz and her little girls to watch Charlie Brown at our local theater.

The show was really cute AND to my amazement...and excitement...it was only about 35 minutes long!

While on our way home from the theater we decided to drive around for a bit to look at some Christmas lights.  The kids helped themselves to some snacks and then out of silence we heard Eliza nonchalantly and calmly say, "My tooth fell out."

She's had some extremely wiggly bottom teeth the last two weeks.  She put her itty, bitty, tiny tooth in my hand while in the car and I held onto it for dear life!  My-oh-my was it tiny!

This girl was beyond thrilled!

Henry helped write a letter to the tooth fairy and Eliza feel asleep a bigger girl!

The next morning...

All smiles...

The kids played with the neighbor boys for hours on Saturday.  Jon and I had a few errands to run in the early afternoon and after that we were off to Super Hero Training Camp!

Batman had arrived in his Batmobile!

It was getting serious!

The obstacle course...

The superheroes helped all the kids safely trek through the obstacle course...

Photo time!  

Henry was trying to make it look like the words were coming out of his mouth.  At first I had no idea what he was doing...  Haha

Aaaaaand Eliza can't read the sign she had picked out, so we just rolled with it, even though everyone in the following pictures did indeed have their capes.  Haha!

The kids went over and asked Batman for a picture!

He was giving Henry instructions on how to hold one of his "bat weapons."  He had also mentioned to Henry that Henry had forgotten his mask.

Such a great pic!

It was time to go, but I told the kids they could go through the obstacle course one last time!

Wonder Woman took a picture of us!

We gathered our things and snapped one last picture in front of the Batmobile!

The next morning Elmer had "decorated" our house.

Oh geesh!

Jon and I had to make some decisions on placement of hooks, the mirror and towel bars in our newly renovated master bathroom.  My friends Katy and Ashley were very helpful in helping me decide where all of those things should be placed.

I'm loving everything about this space.  EVERYTHING!!!  As a matter of fact, I had a slight meltdown over something major in this bathroom and my girlfriends helped put my mind at ease.  First world problems, I know, but Jon and I have waited since we purchased this home to reno this space.  I was definitely in freak-out mode, that's for sure, but my girlfriends gave me the advice to stop going in the space until it was further along.

Best advice EVER!!!!

Oh and one last thing - Jon snapped this picture of my 26 week belly...cardboard floors and all!

Between a bathroom renovation and Christmas I'll suddenly remember that I'm pregnant.  Life is all sorts of busy right now.  I'll happily take it.  :)

Aaaaaand it's Monday!  I hope everyone has a fantastic and productive start to the week!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

Marie :)

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Our Fall Bucket List Review

Decorate for fall

I did indeed decorate for fall, but somehow life happened and I never took any pictures of all of our decor.  HUGE blogger fail.  I remember a time that I'd do home tours for most every holiday.  I really need to get it together.

For 2018, please enjoy this pumpkin decoration that Eliza made at her friend's fifth birthday party...


Host an Apple Cider Stand

Our apple cider stand was a success!  I can't wait for a hot cocoa stand!  Stay tuned!

Visit a Farm.

We did this twice.  Once with just Jon and our little family and another time with my in-laws!

We created so many wonderful memories.  :)

With the in-laws... :)

Carve Pumpkins

Carving of the pumpkins seemed to have been at the eleventh hour this year.

We had been meaning to get pumpkins for weeks, but between our schedules and the operating hours of our favorite place to purchase pumpkins - it just never worked out until the last minute.

You know what though?  It ultimately happened and that's all that matters.  :)

Go on a Hayride

We love this hayride!  I do believe we were the only people on it for the third year in a row.  LOL!  This place is awesome!

Our hayride with the in-laws.  :) It was super cold this day, so I didn't take many hayride pictures.  :)

Jump in the Leaves!

This happened after school one day.  We were worried that it wouldn't happen at all since it snowed a little earlier than usual here in the mitten.  There were piles of leaves all over town covered in snow.  I kept my fingers crossed that the snow would eventually melt so that the kids would be able to jump in the leaves.  Mission Accomplished.  Thank you, Mother Nature.  :)

Make Pumpkin Bread

We had a family bake off at the in-laws.  My MIL decided that we all won.  I'd have to agree.  There was so much yummy goodness.  :)

The kids and I also made these fun turkeys.  We ran out of time to bake, so we improvised.

Make a Pumpkin Roll

My annual pumpkin roll didn't happen for Thanksgiving this year as life got way too nuts, but I'm DETERMINED to make on for Christmas!

Take a Fall Family Photo

This is on my list for this weekend.  We're waaaay behind on this, which means I'm waaaaaaaaay behind on Christmas cards.  I've had to implement the "let it go" attitude as of late.  

Go on a Nature Walk

We did do this, but this was the day I forgot to grab my phone.  I was, however, incredibly grateful to have forgotten it; Jon and I blissfully watched as the kids rode their bikes around the park as we also partook in some meaningful conversation.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  :)

Go to a Parade

Halloween parade for the win!

Go Through a Corn Maze

As usual, Jon led the way.  Otherwise we'd be in Canada right now.  Marie and corn mazes don't get along.  LOL!

Watch a Halloween Movie

Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus for the win!


Go Trick-or-Treating

Phew!  This was a crazy day full of excitement, parties, parades, candy and trick-or-treating.  I remember feeling utter exhaustion and I do believe I was passed out on the couch by 9 p.m.

The kids and their costumes - I just loved this entire day!

Make Caramel Apples.

Nope.  This never happened, BUT - I did make these Rice Krispie pumpkins for Henry's class party...that's something, right?

Make a Thankful Tree

Nope.  This didn't happen, either, and I was bummed about it.  Although, I must say that the amount of "thankfulness" that the kids wrote about at school was good enough for me.  Henry's hat was covered in things he was thankful for; it was too darn cute.  We also went around the Thanksgiving table and gave thanks.  So, it wasn't a complete loss.

How was this NOT on my original list???  Duh!

We've fallen into a habit of getting our pumpkins from this sweet little place in town.  No pumpkin patches for us, we just walk the five rows or so and pick out enough for everyone.  LOL

Bonus:  Halloween Doughnuts!

'Nuff said.  Y to the U to the M!

Bonus:  Frigid Lake Michigan Fall Camping Trip!

Oh this is a trip for the books.  I plan to thaw out sometime in the summer of 2019.

There you have it!

I think we did a pretty decent job of getting out there in the world and staying busy!  It sure was a good one!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, friends!

Marie :)

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