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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm joining the What's Up Wednesday Link Up.

Let's get this party started!

{What We're Eating This Week}

Nothing too exciting.

We had tacos on Sunday and I had leftover tacos for dinner on Monday AND Tuesday.  I didn't want to waste any food and, to be honest, I was just too lazy to cook this week.  At this point though, I'm tooooooootally over tacos - well, unless the tacos are served to me alongside a margarita (see below). ;) In that case, I'm all in.  Ha!

Tomorrow's my grocery shopping day for the week, so I'll have to menu plan some delicious meals.

Any suggestions?

{What I'm Reminiscing About}


Back in the day when I used to own a laptop and had a gym membership...

...those were the days.

{What I'm Loving}

My group of girlfriends.

All of these girls are amazing!  Not to mention that they put up with me and all my craziness!  Haha!  We've all known of each other for years now, but it's only been until recently that we've all started getting together as a group.  I'm so lucky to have them in my life and I consider them family.

{What We've Been Up To}

Enjoying this beautiful February winter we're having here in Michigan.

Within weeks, we went from this...

...to this.  Crazy!

{What I'm Dreading}

It getting cold again.

Not going back to winter so much, but rather temps that may fall below freezing.  I can handle freezing temps, but below freezing makes me want to cry.

{What I'm Working On}

Here's a sneak peek...

Any guesses?

{What I'm Excited About}

Dreaming.  Lots of dreaming.

Jon and I have been dreaming and discussing whether or not we should do a few exterior renovations to our home or not.  Our house was built in the seventies and has had a handful of owners since it was first built.  Luckily, the previous owners before us had put up new siding, a new front door and a new garage door.  The roof was only about ten years old when we moved in - thank goodness.  However, the time has come to possibly tackle the roof and a few other projects on the outside.  So we'll see what we end up doing.  It's definitely a topic of conversation over here and I've been pinning over on Pinterest like a madwoman!  Just thinking about the possibilities give me the butterflies!

{What I'm Watching/Reading}

For Christmas Jon bought me a subscription to The Magnolia Journal.  I've read almost every page of this issue and I find it to be super inspiring!

{What I'm Listening To}

Currently?  Like, at this exact moment?

The sweet sound of silence...  ;)

{What I'm Wearing}

You want to know something funny?

I'm wearing the exact same outfit I was wearing last month for this same link up - black yoga pants with a gray shirt.  I'm wild, I tell ya' - WILD!

{What I'm Doing This Weekend}

Drinking margaritas!

I'm meeting up with my girlfriends ^^^ for some much needed margaritas...and some Mexican food, of course!

I also plan to work on a few home projects, as well as paint a few things for my friend Ashley's nursery.

{What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month}

Henry and I plan to cut a rug!

Henry and I will be attending our first Mother/Son dance and I seriously can't wait.  I bought this outfit for him off of Zulily and I pretty much think it's the cutest thing ever!  I'm also planning to have him wear it to a couple of weddings this summer.  To me the outfit screams, "northern Michigan wedding!"  Haha!  Now to find myself a dress to wear...

{What Else Is New}

I finally took down all of our Christmas wreaths.  *gasp*  I know, I know... How can I keep them up for so long?  Well, I usually leave them up in the winter when we have a bunch of snow so that our home is still decorated with winter-y type stuff.  But after this heat wave we've had here in Michigan I decided to take them down.  I do believe we're supposed to be seeing snow sometime again this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be a bit sad about the wreaths being gone, but at least now I'll have a jumpstart on my spring home decor!  Woo-Hoo!

That's it for me over here!  Thanks a million for stopping by my little blog.

That makes two blog posts this week!  Whoop Whoop!  ;) ;) ;)

Marie :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Weekly Recap

Happy Tuesday to one and all!  Who else was excited to wake up to it being Tuesday?  Oh man, I love that today is Tuesday!  It also means that we've got a short week ahead of us - WOO-HOO for that!

I sure do love me some weekend!

As for today, it's a tad gloomy outside and a bit of rain is currently headed our way.  Honestly I'm okay with it since I pretty much neglected our house the entire weekend and now I have about a gazillion things to check off my "to-do" list.  Ahh!

But first, blog.

Let me tell you that I've been sicker than a dog for well over a week now...and I'm STILL kind of sick.  I have this sinus pain that just won't quite, not to mention a lingering cough that seems to want all of my attention.  I get it already, cough.

Will it ever end?  Ugh...

Complaints aside, let's talk about something fun and happy, how about our Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day was pretty special over here.  I set out a few little gifts for the family the night before.  We ate breakfast, got dressed for school and then I let the kids open their little bags before heading out the door.

As you can see, Eliza wore her new dress that I had just recently purchased from Amazon and I tried to squish Henry into an old size 3 Valentine's Day shirt.  *face palm*  He wore it for this picture and then I thought he looked really uncomfortable so I had him take it off and change his shirt for a plain red and white striped one instead.  He seemed relieved, to say the least.

 I also stole Lindsay's idea, from over at Lindsay's Sweet World, and whipped up these cute little tags over on PicMonkey to use for some small teacher gifts.  Being the idea thief that I am, I also filled the bags with 100 Grand and PayDay candy bars and lottery tickets.  Lindsay, if you're reading this, I've mentioned you in my last two posts.  Lol!  I promise I'm not a stalker, you just have really good ideas!  Hahaha!

Later that morning I picked Eliza up from school and this was our Valentine's gift from her...  So cute, right?  :)  It was filled with Hershey's chocolates, which by the way, she did not share.  I think she thought it was for her.  I mean, I don't blame the girl...

Once we arrived home we sorted through her cards and treats...

...we took a few cute pictures...

 ...and played with her newly gifted Valentine's Day Shopkins...while Mama sipped on tea, blew her nose, coughed and sneezed.  But as you can see, I used my Valentine's Day mug to celebrate what I could while feeling lousy.

Jon came home for lunch, thank goodness, and I literally passed out on the couch for thirty minutes.  I was spent.

Side note:  Being sick with kids is no joke.  I feel like I've been sick all winter long and I've yet to fully recover.  Sometimes in the midst of feeling miserable I try to remember what it was like to have an entire day to be in bed.  You know, it's like imagining a waterfall when you're stressed, instead I daydream of uninterrupted and unconscious rest and sleep from ten o'clock in the morning to three o'clock in the afternoon.

Okay, okay - I'll stop ranting.  ;)

After the slowest afternoon ever, we left to pick up Henry from school and he could.not.wait. to dump out his Valentine's Day cards and goodies.

On Wednesday we prepared for Henry's 100th day of school!  We were told to bring in 100 items.  So I found this bag of stickers on sale from one of our local grocery store's Valentine Day section.

Brother loved counting out rows of tens.  Once he finished, we gathered up the stickers, put them in a bag and set them next to his backpack.  We were ready to go.

On Thursday, I, along with my girl, Sara and her Mother-in-Law, Kathy, went in to volunteer for the kids' 100th day of school.  We were informed that the teacher had decided not to use the 100 items.  She had other activities planned instead.  Lol!  Well, at least all the counting was educational for Henry, right?!

Oh and I'm still laughing, because the table I volunteered at was super fun, but it took me until the last group of kids to actually find a groove.  It also brought to my attention that I had been doing the activity wrong.  Oh my word.  Leave it to me to mess up a Kindergarten activity!  Henry's teacher didn't care at all...thank goodness.  Oh man.  Once again...*face palm*  I would blame my sickness, but to be honest, that's just something I would do!  LOL!

As I was leaving I told her that her "worst parent volunteer" was leaving...meaning me, of course.  Haha!  Moments like this are the reason wine is so badly needed on the weekends.

In the end I had a great time in Henry's classroom and he loved seeing me.  I'm getting to know the kids and I'm also learning more of what goes on Henry's classroom, as well as what we need to work on with him.  So, overall, I'll call it a win.  :)

I love this little man so much!!!!

On Friday I met up with a friend of mine, Katy, at a local coffee shop to discuss details of a nursery we're putting together for a friend of ours.  Said friend is giving us $250 for a nursery makeover!  Oh my gosh we're so excited and we've since started calling ourselves Chip and Chip since we both act more like Chip Gaines than that of the queen bee herself, Joanna Gaines.

I sipped on the best tea I've ever had while we discussed our plans for the room.  Well, technically, over the course of an hour we probably only discussed the room for about fifteen minutes due to a few people at the coffee shop coming over to my friend Katy and mingling with her.  I tell ya', she's the belle of the town!  Everyone loves Miss. Katy!

Later that day I headed over to Katy's awesome house so we could figure out some paint colors.  I wasn't much help...well, other than leaving her with a little less wine in her fridge.  ;)

I like wine...just a little.  ;)

On Saturday and Sunday we headed to the park.

It was 60 degrees.
Both days.
In Michigan.
In February.
It was a dream.

My sister and two nephews came into town on Sunday afternoon and we let the cousins play and play!

Later in the evening my sister and I played a bit on Snapchat.

Does anyone else think the Snapchat filters are the best things ever?  They crack me up and they always, ALWAYS make me laugh!

On that note, I'll see ya' later this week!


I'm linking up for the Tuesday Talk link up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for the Share and Tell Tuesday Link-Up to share with you the loves of my life.

Here we go - I'll be starting with that handsome husband of mine, Jon.  ;)


This is the guy who, over seventeen years ago, once stood on my Mom and Dad's front porch and wouldn't leave until I agreed to be his girlfriend.  Spoiler alert:  I said, "Okay," and I agreed to be his girlfriend...his strategy worked. ;)

This same guy, waaay back in the day, also covered that same front porch with lilacs (one of my favorite scents) just to make me happy.  We've danced under the stars in the middle of nowhere, we've eaten dinner in the middle of our high school football field, we've laughed, we've cried, we've struggled, we've survived this thing called life...this thing called marriage.  This fella' of mine has a heart of gold and dance moves like no other.  Jon and I are complete opposites in almost every way and I can guarantee you that if you were to meet us, you'd never guess that he's the one who keeps us laughing over here.  He's adventurous, kind, hard-working, curious, smart and patient.  He's an amazing husband and an even more amazing father!

I can honestly say, without a doubt in my mind, that our kids are his absolute favorite people.  He loves our kids more than anything in this world and I love him that much more for loving them so deeply.


Oh my little Henry.  Henry came into this world on May 7, 2011.  On that day, I became known as, Mom.  To be completely honest, I had NO idea what to do with him.  I had no idea how to "mother."  As the days, the weeks and the months went by we gradually got to know each other more and more.  We ultimately fell in love and I can tell you the exact moment that led to my never-ending love for him, but that story is for another day...

This little boy of mine is so tender and sweet.  He's always willing to help others.  He's silly and gentle.  Henry has always given the best hugs and he excels in the cuddle and snuggle departments.  I hope to raise him to be empathetic and kind and let me tell you, he's proving himself of these two things on a daily basis.  I miss him and worry about him throughout the day, but I know he's happy...and that's all I care about.

This smart little boy of mine is growing up with no intention of slowing down.  He loves to build and create.  He's curious and eager to learn.  Give this boy some cardboard, tape and scissors and he's happy for hours.  He's always asking about the factories we drive by here in town and what they "make" within them.  Henry's also always asking Suri to show him a "machine."  This kid loves machines.

I swear I knew this boy before he even arrived on that beautiful spring morning back in May of 2011.  He's a dream of a little boy and he keeps me smiling every.single.day.  I mean, with that smile of his, how could I not reciprocate?


This little ball of energy and sass is Eliza.  Eliza arrived somewhat quickly on May 30, 2013 and hasn't slowed down since.

This girl keeps me on my toes every waking hour.  For real...it's exhausting.  There was once a time she loved to snuggle, but I quickly learned I was her primary food source and once the nursing ended so did the snuggles (which is also why I nursed her for two years - because...#selfish).  She eats all day, every day.  Let me repeat that - this kid eats all.day.every.day.  I've never met a three-year-old who likes to eat sardines, salmon and whey protein shakes with their Daddy.  This girl will eat all the things...and she does...I'm guessing it gives her all that energy?  Ha!

Eliza loves to play dress-up and pretend she's a princess, which is perfect, because in my world, she is my princess.  Eliza is always, alwaaaays singing, putting on a show and batting her eyes...not sure where she gets it from... ;)  There's not a day that goes by that she's not wearing something shiny, sparkly or princess-y.  She's outgoing, confident, spontaneous and she's most definitely made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

She's becoming more and more aware of her surroundings and I've recently noticed her stepping out of the spotlight to access the world around her.  She's smart and silly and an absolute delight.  I'm in love with this little-squishy-faced-sardine-eating-three-nager more than I could ever say.


Lastly, how can I not mention our cat, Nubs?  I found him about ten years ago while at work.  My manager, who lived in the country at the time, had jokingly told me that his car had "meowed" while on his way to work that morning.  We went out to check on his "meowing" car and there was this itty, bitty little mischievous kitten who had climbed into the hood of my manager's car and just so happened to go on a ride of a lifetime!

I'm sure you're wondering why we call him, Nubs?  Welp, that's because he no longer had a tail upon finding him.  Poor kitty.  My only assumption was that it was cut off while riding under the hood of that car, especially since it was a fresh, clean cut.

Side note - growing up, I was NEVER a cat person - I was a dog/puppy kind of gal, but there was something about this kitty and I just couldn't let him loose in the high-traffic area where I had worked.  He was so, sooo little and cute...and, not to mention, scared.  As a result, I took a lunch break, drove him to the store (while he sat on my shoulder), bought him cat food and put him in our screened-in porch at home.  I then called numerous shelters and pet shops, but nobody would take him.  Over the course of a few weeks Jon and I started to play and snuggle with Nubs and we eventually fell in love...and the rest in history.........aaaaaaaand he's an indoor cat.........which means he really can't run away..........................so there's that, too...................he's kinda stuck with us.

This cat of ours is skittish, easily annoyed with us humans, playful when he wants to be, and he mostly does as he pleases - including that of gifting us with the occasional hair ball or two.  We love him though.  Nubs is part of our story.

He's a good kitty, a crazy kitty, but a good kitty nonetheless.  We like to occasionally tell him that he won the cat lottery.  He did, he really did.  From that initial car ride, to his unfortunate tail incident, to me bringing him home - he's pretty darn lucky, if you ask me.  You know, it's true what they say, a cat has nine lives.  At this rate Nubs has something like seven lives left...mostly because he's lazy and kind of spoiled...  ;)  Haha!

Let's rewind back to his glory days.  Here's Nubs in his prime, if you will?!  This is still one of favorite pictures of him...

Classy, right?

Also, I do believe I just wrote more about my cat than that of Jon and my children...  Lol!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my loves.  Oh, what a wonderful world...

Marie :)