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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Best Bacon and Tomato Pasta Recipe

Hey guys!  I'm back and unlike Monday's post, this post is all about summer...summer food, that is!

Today I'm sharing with you a delicious recipe from my Mom, who originally got it from my Aunt Pam.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where my Aunt Pam found this recipe.  What I do know is that when inquiring about this particular recipe, my Mom informed me that she had changed a few things from my Aunt Pam's original version...

Are you still following me?

Whew.  Okay...good.

Anyhoo, all that matters is that this recipe is aaaaahmazing, it's one of Jon's favorites and it's become THE pasta dish for family gatherings!

Does anyone else find it hilarious to take and/or see pictures of ingredients?!  I may have to add a bow tie and sunglasses to some of the groceries next time...you know, just for fun.  ;)

"A little to the left, green onion.  That's right.  Perfect.  Now hold that pose."

Check out this glamour shot!  Hehehe  ;) ;) ;)

Quick - go to the store.  Buy the ingredients and make this recipe happen...before summer is over!

Are you salivating yet?  I sure am.

There you have it - a delicious and yummy summer pasta dish.  You'll love it, pinky promise!

Welp, what do you think?  Are you a pasta-kinda-person?

Gosh, I could eat pasta and chocolate for days.  Especially since both pair well with wine....... ;)

Marie :)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gift Guide - Christmas in July - Gift Ideas for Kids

*This post contains affiliate links.

Here we are - the last week of July.  Can you believe it?  Christmas is five months away and since some places are already displaying fall and winter and Christmas decor in their stores (ahem - Hobby Lobby), I figured why not join in on the craze and put together a little "Christmas in July - Gift Ideas for Kids" blog post.  Hey, some of us need an early start, am I right?!

The products below include some that we've purchased in the past, some that have been gifted to us and some that are on the list for this year - that is, if the kiddos stay on Santa's "good list," which they seem to be doing thus far.  *wink*

So, go ahead, scroll through and have fun!  Oh and if you feel the need to "Caps Lock" a comment about me doing a Christmas post in July, it's okay.  I'll understand.  LOL!

;) ;) ;)

Five months and counting........

Here we go...

Melissa and Doug Suspend Game

The Original Stomp Rocket
The Original Spirograph

Choo Choo Express

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Boy Craft Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit with 2 Catapults

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

Mega Blocks First Builders Big Building Bag
'Lil Fairy Doors

There you have it.  Also, I've noticed that there are a few products that are outrageous in price on this list right now.  Please note that some of these prices have come down before in the past, quite tremendously actually.  So, keep an eye out for lower prices!

Okay, okay - go enjoy the rest of your summer.  I promise not to post anything else winter or Christmas related until at least the beginning of November...well, I'll try anyway.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Marie :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PVC Pipe Car Wash

It's summer and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with PVC Pipes!

Okay, so I guess PVC Pipes alone don't sound like a lot fun.  Let me try again...


It's summer and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a PVC Pipe Car Wash!?



I've been wanting to make one of these for the kids since the beginning of last summer.  Therefore, one day last month, I was feeling overzealous and I decided then and there and at that particular moment in time that this PVC Pipe Car Wash thing was about to go down.  So I gathered up the kids, we ventured over to Home Depot, we awkwardly gathered our supplies, had our pipes cut to size in the store (thank goodness!) and headed home to work on our little big car wash project.  You guys - this was soooo easy to make and what's even better is that we'll be able to use these pieces for years to come!  #worldwidewebhighfive

This whole thing cost me just around fifty bucks and I think it was, and still is, totally worth the money!  Of course, if you make a smaller car wash or if you have any extra PVC Pipes just lying around (hey, you never know ;)), you'll end up saving some buckeroos.

PVC Pipe Car Wash - www.familyandthelakehouse.com

Seriously, the kids have been loving this thing!  Umbrellas, cars, bikes - our "car wash" has been providing so much entertainment!

We keep it stored in the garage and we've used it several times so far this summer and come winter, I can disassemble it and store the pieces in a small storage space in the garage.  Now that's what I'm talking about!

PVC Pipe Car Wash - www.familyandthelakehouse.com

A smile of approval!

PVC Pipe Car Wash - www.familyandthelakehouse.com

Henry likes to fill up buckets from the water squirting out on the side as well as ride his bike through the "wash" over and over again.

Sidenote:  Where in the heck is Henry's other shoe?!  LOL!

PVC Pipe Car Wash - www.familyandthelakehouse.com

Oh and I know, I know - where's Henry's helmet?  Welp, I asked him to ride through for a photo opp for the blog.  I promise he wears it all the time...okay, most of the time.

#momguilt  #keepingitreal  #seriouslywhereishisshoe

PVC Pipe Car Wash - www.familyandthelakehouse.com

Back to the PVC Pipe Car Wash!

Okay, so here's what I used:

 7 - 10 foot 3/4 inch PVC pipes cut to 2.5 feet - you should end up with 28 pieces

2 - 10 foot 3/4 PVC pipe cut to 3 feet - cut 3 of these (these will go on top and you'll have extra pipe to use for anything you want - think flag pole, signage, marshmallow shooter ;) )

8 PVC T-Joints

11 PVC Elbow Joints

4 PVC Cross Joints

1 PVC pipe hose connector thingy (yup, that's a technical term ;) )

1 hose connector

5 pool noodles

2 plastic table coverings/cloths (extras on hand from birthday parties)

1 mop cut across and hung tightly to PVC


Drill and drill bit (be sure to drill while PVC is on the ground...because it can get cray cray - take my word for it)

That's it!


Oh and you guys, once I turned on the water and it started shooting out in all directions, Henry immediately looked at me and said, "I love you" and, "You're the best Mom ever!"  Yeah, major brownie points with the kiddos!  Well, that was until I told him he had to eat his asparagus at dinner that night.  ;)

In all seriousness, go build this thing, it's so much fun and your kids will have a blast!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Marie :)

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