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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Master Bedroom Ideas

We're finally, FINALLY getting around to decorating our master bedroom.  It's been a blank slate for years.  Yes.  Years.

It has a fresh coat of paint (Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams) and it's ready for the finishing touches.

It's time for some ideas....

You're going to love these charming bedrooms, I promise.  Let's get to it.

I love everything, repeat - EVERYTHING, about this room from lifeonvirginiastreet.

That mirror, bedding and chandelier from centsationalgirl are perfection.

This master bedroom from thelilypadcottage is crisp and cozy.

This room from twoityourself is so pretty.  That headboard and that nightstand...Love.

Oh and I apparently like that bedding (see above).  :)

This home is/was for sale?  Can I buy this room, please?  Better yet, can someone just give it to me?

Thanks homebunch for sharing!

Aren't these rooms gorgeous?  Please visit their sites!

How is your master bedroom looking?  Any design plans in your future?

Thanks for stopping by.  Tell your friends.  :)

-Marie :)


  1. We just refreshed our bedroom by moving the furniture around, it is crazy how just a rearrangement can make such a huge difference and make you feel so much better!

    1. I totally agree with you, Kim! It's crazy how great a room can look and feel by just moving things around. What furniture did you move?

  2. No big design plans for my bedroom. We got a new bed last year and new bedding and I planned to paint the walls and ceiling but never got around to it. I'll do it this spring, I swear! And then I want to tear up the carpet and see what work the hardwood floors underneath need.

    1. Oooh...it's so exciting when a home has pretty hardwood floors hidden under the carpet. You'll have to keep me updated.