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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Desk Nook Mood Board

Our computer has completely and utterly become a zombie.  

It wants to be alive, but all it does is turn on.........and then it just stares back at us........and it does nothing........it.just.stares.

It's a tad frustrating and our old computer, which I'm using at the moment, brings back painful dial-up memories. 

*cue world's smallest violin*

Let's continue on with the Desk Nook Design plan, shall we?!    

When my husband, Jon, mentioned that we get a desktop computer I immediately replied with, "OOooooookaaaaay, weeeeeeelllll, we need a designated desk area!"

He doesn't want this "designated desk area" to cost too much money, so an IKEA design plan it is.  I'm sure there'll be some tweaks, not to be confused with twerks, allow the way, well, maybe just one twerk??

Take a look:

Family and the Lake House

Shelves          Countertop          Magazine File          Artificial Plants          

Wall Magazine Rack          Chair          Desk Organizer

What do you think so far?  

I'm really liking the chair up above, but I'd still like to find one with more of a "beachy" look.  Like this one, except white, which means I'd have to spray paint a brand new chair (yikes!).

Although I do think it'd give us the cottage-style look that we're going for...

Suggestions?  Thoughts?  

Thanks people of the internet!

Marie :)


  1. My husband has that desktop from ikea and likes it a lot! I also love the look of it! Great design board:)

    1. Thanks, Megan! Great to hear! Anything to go to IKEA!! LOL!

  2. Love, love, love it! Can't wait to see it in person!!

    Now, about that twerking video......

    1. I'm pretty sure you've seen one of my "twerk-like" movements while at the gym. I'm sure it wasn't pretty! Haha!