Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Our Master Bathroom Makeover

Today's the day I finally share our Master Bathroom Makeover!!!


This bathroom, you guys, this bathroom...

We've been wanting to have work done to this bathroom since we first moved in, but since it was hidden away from the rest of the house it sat on the back burner since 2007.  We painted the walls this dark blue-ish/grayish color and I "tiled" around the tub.  We organized the drawers and did our best to keep this space clean...but for the cleanest it ever became, it still was a mess of a room and it never functioned how we had hoped.

For twelve years, TWELVE YEARS, we lived without a shower in this space, only a tub.  We found ourselves dancing between bathrooms.  I'd take soap and shampoo from bathroom to bathroom, towels would constantly move around and toothbrushes never stayed in one place.  With the kids growing older we no longer wanted to take turns using their bathroom and I'm sure they appreciate not seeing us in our birthday suits!  LOL!

They now have their space and we now have OUR space.


So, here it is...well, here's what it was...

My "tile" job all those years ago.

There was a point that I could no longer live with the fish tile that adorned these walls, so I found some extra tile and had at it.

We never decorated, the tub, while super comfortable, had seen better days, those measly, crooked hooks were usually draped with towels, robes and clothes and that ledge NEVER stayed clutter free.

Also, sidenote:  There used to be a door where you see those hooks and there was a storage closet were the bedroom door is, but we did a little switch-a-roo when we realized that having two bathroom doors next to each other in the hallway was silly.  So we eliminated any extra storage we had in the space, but gained a "master bathroom," if you will...all by moving a door...

Just more sadness...

Womp, womp...

Oh, then there's this; the infamous cardboard in the ceiling.

Two days after Eliza was born we came home with a newborn and smelled the smell of death.  In a quick attempt to remedy the issue, Jon cut into the drywall and found that a bunch of baby birds had died in our attic.  Super sad, I know.  Jon cleaned out the space and there the ceiling sat, protected by a piece of cardboard for five years.  We'd laugh at how classy we had become, but tending to the kiddos had become far more important that fixing the ceiling.  That piece of cardboard had also become a joke about our house and bathroom and it had somehow grown on us...because we're weird like that!

This tub.  I promise it was clean...

The most difficult part about changing this bathroom was the removal of the tub and remembering all the times the kids took their baths together in this space.

Yup, that was bittersweet for this Mama Bear, incredibly bittersweet, but change can be good...

The beginning of construction or should I say, the removal-of-all-the-things - OR, better yet - as Chip Gaines would say, DEMO DAY!

Do you see all that orange?

Yeah, the owners before us had not only had fish tile at one time, BUT they had also decided that orange walls were a good idea...and they didn't stop there - the ceiling was also orange at one point, as well.

You guys, I'm telling you, this house has seen it all...


Oh my - I was getting reaaaaally excited right here!

I could finally start to see it; how it was all coming together!

I had Jon hold up this mirror at least 392 times a day.

The tiling.

I was absolutely giddy by this point!  I was in love.  IN. LOVE. with the tile work...

Weeks passed and the walls were painted, the tile was grouted, the vanity was placed and the shower head was added!!!

Are you ready???

I can't wait to show you...


And here you have it!

Our finished/remodeled master bathroom!!!!!!!!!

I still have hooks to add and shelving to put up, but that will all come in time.  I couldn't wait another minute to share this space with all of you!

A pano of this wall...

The interior of the shower.  That rain shower head has my heart!

All the beadboard is waterproof, too!  YAY!

Funny story here...well, not so funny to our contractor, I'm sure, but our construction guys were <this close> to finishing with the beadboard work, but they needed seven more pieces.  Our contractor called everywhere in the surrounding area, but he ultimately had to drive to Ohio...two hours away to acquire an additional seven boards.  Jon and I felt terrible, but our contractor made it work.  

A few before/after pictures!

I still can't believe this is our bathroom.  It's tiny, but mighty and I can't get over how light and bright it is now!

If you're interested in a source list, please let me know!

Thanks soooo much for stopping by and checking out our master bathroom makeover!  I'll have to post about the kids' bathroom next.  It's a fun room with lots of functional space for such an itty bitty bathroom!  Stay tuned!

Thanks again!

Marie :)

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Hello Monday - Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!

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Our weekend was pretty low-key, so this post isn't going to be very long...

I'll start off by showing you my fake eyelashes.  LOL!

My neighbor took some maternity pictures of me on Thursday and I opted to hide my dark circles by caking on five pounds of makeup and adding drug store eyelashes.  I haven't worn fake eyelashes since our wedding...or maybe a Halloween or two, and I've got to tell you, they made me want to get eyelashes extensions.  Yeah, that's right.  I said, eyelash extensions.  Anyone have any advice?  I seeeeeeriously may have to give them a try...

On Friday I made homemade pot pies and oh-my-gosh were they delicious!  I used to make every. single. thing. homemade, but I've since resorted to store bought dough...and it makes my life so much better.  I do miss the flaky, buttery-goodness of homemade dough, but the time that is saved makes the pot pie taste just as good...Haha!

Jon and I woke up at 5:45 a.m. on Saturday morning to the sound of a little voice informing us that she had thrown up.

That husband of mine cleaned all morning.  He cleaned EVERYTHING.  He disinfected like crazy.  He wiped down the bed, the bed frame, the rug.  He got Eliza into the shower, he washed all the bedding, he wiped down all the door knobs, threw away all the toothbrushes, deep cleaned all the bathrooms and washed and dried all the coats, backpacks and lunch boxes.

We really, REALLY don't want to get sick over here and with me being pregnant, Jon took on all of this by himself so that I wouldn't be exposed to all the icky germs.

He was a rockstar and I'm going to toot his horn loud enough for the world to hear!

As for girlfriend, welp - she had only thown up that one time, watched Moana and The Little Mermaid, took a nap and was feeling MUCH better later Saturday evening.  She was still a bit groggy, but by Sunday she was back to her sweet, energetic self!

I put myself out there over on IG.  I've been trying...reaaaaally trying to put myself out there.  It's a big ole struggle bus for me...

It finally snowed here in our part of Michigan!!!!

Henry took it upon himself to shovel our driveway.  We didn't ask him to do so, he just got to work.  As you can see, he even removed his gloves, hat and coat because he was getting hot.

You guys, he did the entire driveway!

He negotiated with us and said he'd like $5.00 for his work.  Done.

Jon hung up a new light fixture that I ordered ages ago!

Oh my goodness, I was BEYOND excited!!!

Henry snapped some 30 week pictures of me in front of our barn door and as you can see, I'm playing with wall colors again...because I have problems.  Gah!

........aaaaaand that's it.  It was a quiet weekend, that's for sure.

I'm back to organizing and cleaning all this week.  Perhaps I'll add some of my progress over on IG.................maybe.....probably not.........but maybe.............................. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Marie :)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Five on Friday

We made it to Fri-yay!

Was that a long week for anyone else?  It was our first week back since before Christmas and I was NOT ready to trade in my pajamas and slow mornings for jam-packed schedules and rushed mornings.  I told Jon on Sunday that I felt like we were driving away from a vacation.  Our break was so nice and relaxing.

But here we are - a full week of being back at it; which also means it's time for Five Friday!  I'm joining Andrea, Erika and Narci for some Friday Fun!


This belly of mine sure is a-growin' and I'm loving every minute of it.  Sure, I don't sleep...what with all the indigestion, braxton hicks and overall growing pains and all, but I refuse to take this last pregnancy of mine for granted.  I just laugh through the fact that I get stuck on my back at times and I smile my way through the relentless heartburn.  It's all worth it.  :)

A couple of books.

Jon ordered The 5 Love Languages and while I was surprised he did so, I'm actually just as excited to read it as he is.  I'm guessing I'm "words of affirmation" and he's "acts of service."  We shall see!  I'll keep ya' posted!

I ordered For the Love after hearing about it from Rachel Hollis.  I actually have NO idea what to expect, but I'm hoping to dive in sometime this weekend!

I've been simplifying like crazy over here!  Once Christmas was over I really hit the ground running and threw away and gave away what felt like half of our home.  It felt good...really, really good.

Just in one day alone I compiled six bags of trash and a carload of Goodwill donations and I haven't even touched our crawlspace yet.  I'm excited to get down there and clear out the clutter!  ...And you know what - there's not a single thing that I miss!  I'm loving not having to touch/move the same dang item over and over again in order to find it a space in our home only to never use it.

Freeing.  Simplifying is freeing...and I'm a HUGE fan!

Master Bathroom.

If you follow me over on IG then you may have come across this photo of our newly renovated master bathroom.  Jon and I are loooooving this space and I simply CANNOT wait to show you more.  I'll be busting out "the good camera" for a little bathroom tour!  We still have a few items to purchase to finish off this room...EEK!  I love it, just LOVE IT!

These little humans of mine.

I swear I love them more and more every single day.  :)

Those are my favs from the week!  I'll be back on Monday!

Have a great weekend out there, friends!

Marie :)

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Monday, January 7, 2019

All-Things-Christmas Recap

Happy New Year!  I hope you and yours had an amazing holiday break as well as an exciting start to the new year!

We had a the best time over here.  The weekend before Christmas was filled with lots of family and fun.  The remainder of our break consisted of lazy mornings, lots of pajamas, pizza, pizza and more pizza.  Jon and I finally jumped on the Netflix train and watched Bird Box and binge watched Stranger Things.  I am NOT one for scary anything, but I must admit, both Bird Box and Stranger Things had my heart-a-pumpin', and I was mostly definitely enthralled by both.

As for all things before, during and after Christmas, the filler days, if you will, they were consumed with lots of goodness.  Buckle up - I've got over 100 pictures for you!  Let's GOOOOOOOO!!!

We tried to catch Elmer the Elf...

A new elf, Violet, showed up.  We took the elves to the movies...

But not without a snuggle first...

Eliza lost her second tooth and the elves and the Tooth Fairy happened to cross paths...

This sunset made it's way into my camera roll...

We watched musical lights...

We snuggled on the couch and took in the scenery...

Elmer and Violet brought gingerbread houses...

The neighbor boys came over to help!

I made pumpkin rolls.  Ignore the no-makeup and gorgeous hair.  LOL!

I attended Henry's Australian Holiday Party...

This boy still loves to hold my hand and I take in every single moment of it...

Next up - Eliza's Holiday Party...

We picnicked on the living room rug and watched Christmas movies...

Henry, Eliza and our neighbor boy, Everett, sporting their Christmas attire!

Eliza's last dance class before break and look who showed up!

Every girl received a gift!

I made pierogies.  It only took me three hours...  LOL!

Our neighbor, Elizabeth, dropped off some Christmas gifts...

I had my glucose test the Friday before Christmas.  Not going to lie, I like this stuff...

I was starving afterward and decided to be awesome and get some Taco Bell.  I haven't had Taco Bell in years - NO REGRETS!!!  LOL

One of Eliza's many car naps...

First Taco Bell, then Starbuck's - I was being wild!

We surprised the kids with a trip to the water park up where are parents live.  It was incredibly difficult to keep this a secret all week, but their faces and excitement made it all worth it!

The kids watching "the big bucket that dings."  Henry has called it this since he was two.  It's a love/dislike relationship...I think Henry and "the big bucket that dings" may be getting along now...  Ha

My 28 week belly.  I had ordered a swimsuit, but it was a no-go, so I went with my trusty swim shirt!  

We thought the place would be packed, but it was relatively quiet.  We consumed pizza, pop, took lots of pictures and stayed up past our bedtime!

We didn't rush out the next morning...

My parents were having us over for Christmas so we got all dressed up and before leaving we headed down to the arcade and lunch to really use up all of our water park fun...

There she goes again...

At my parent's house...

My pumpkin roll.  YUMMY!  I'm getting better at these.  This year was my BEST pumpkin roll year EVER!

*pats self on back*

Eliza and her cousin, Marian...

A squirt!  I hadn't had one of these in forever, either!

One of the snowmen I made for all the cousins...

Family pic time!

Henry giving his cousin, Christian, a hug for getting him some awesome gifts!  These two boys adore each other!

Sleepover at Grandma's!

Next day - party at Jon's parent's house!  Another belly pic!

Henry's smiles in all of these pictures - I don't know what was going on...I think he was trying too hard.  I'll take it though... ;)

More of my snowmen!

Another family're welcome... ;)

Henry patiently waiting to open his present...

What poker looks like for a pregnant chick.  LOL!  I promise I did drink water at these parties... 

The elves were leaving later in the day, but since we were traveling on Christmas Eve they allowed for the kids to hold them.  Both Henry and Eliza were sure to be extremely careful with Elmer and Violet...

Aaaaaaaaand one more time...

Our packed car with some cute elves...and Elmer and Violet...  ;) ;) ;)

ANOTHER Starbuck's!  Oh yes I did...

Once home the kids decided they wanted to bake and decorate some Christmas cookies that Elmer had brought before the weekend had begun.  I was a little frantic at this time because we had JUST arrived home on Christmas Eve, we had to unpack the car, put our toiletries and laundry away, put away toys that the kids were given and then prepare for the evening...if you know what I mean.  Luckily Santa had achieved A LOT the week before and was somewhat ahead of the game.  So, I took a deep breath and enjoyed the cookie making process with the kiddos, all while putting things away, sweeping, ordering food before the restaurants closed for the night/next day and attempted to stay calm and remember the meaning of Christmas...

At some point there was a knock on the door and the tradition continued of pajamas being delivered on Christmas Eve...and wouldn't you know it - Elmer and Violet had just vanished...  They were just...gone...poof!

The elves brought us matching "elf pajamas!"  So great!

Even kitty received some matching pjs!

He was thrilled!  ;)

Phew...and if that weren't enough - we still had to put out our reindeer food.  Eliza had made some at school, but Henry hadn't.  We went back to the cabinet to find sprinkles...

This pictures is blurry, as you can see, but the kids were hilarious sprinkling reindeer food everywhere whilst sporting their elf pajamas.  It had us cracking up!

I snapped a pic of our tree before Santa arrived...

I made a French toast bake for the next morning and then Jon and I settled in to watch one of my favorite Christmas movies, It's a Wonderful Life.  I love, love, love this movie.  Unfortunately, it became a little too late, so Jon and I opted for bed as the kids would be up bright and early...

Santa came and all was still........................

We were all snuggled in bed, when out of nowhere, Henry came into our room at 2:30, then again at 3:30, then again at 4:00.  At one point I found him with lying on our bathroom floor with the light on.  Jon said he found Henry lying not he couch in the living room.  He mentioned his belly hurting, but we just think he was EXTREMELY excited for Christmas morning.  I had to laugh because go figure - we went to bed at a decent time, all was ready to go, we were about to get a good 8 hours of sleep, but Henry's internal excitement took us in a different direction.  I was pretty pooped on Christmas Day, but knowing just how excited Henry was made it all worth it!

Christmas morning...

Coffee for the win!!!

I'll stop there!  Oh man, what a great Christmas we had over here!

We had a low-key New Year's evening, my sister and her family came over to visit at one point and we had our friends over who hadn't been over for dinner in a few years or so.  The rest of our break, like I said, was filled with pizza, relaxing, organizing - LOTS of organizing, the kids and the neighbor boys playing together, Netflix and naps.

It was a great one for the books!!!

Now here we are 2019!

Bring it!

Marie :) 

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