Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Life Lately Recap

Let's play catch up and take this recap back to last Tuesday.

We worked on our Valentine's.  Can I just say Sharpie pens and children absolutely terrify me?!  I explained to Eliza to be careful with the Sharpie next to her Matilda Jane dress, her face, my face, the chair, the table...  She did her absolute best and she managed to not get a mark anywhere other than her class list and on the Oreo Valentin's themselves, but man, that sure was a stressful thirty minutes of my life.  No doubt I now have five new gray hairs.



This was how I felt once we finished up, too!  I promptly collected the Sharpies and packed them away...way, way, waaaaaay high up in the cabinets away... ;)

On Tuesday we had an ice storm.  I swear our winter has been compacted into the month of February and it's been absolutely nuts.  Surprisingly I haven't minded it much...I mean, I could use a break here and there, but as far as the weather, I've found it fun and interesting to watch!

I mean, look at our slider doors...those aren't opaque, you guys.  What you see here are sheets of ice covering both sliders.

That's ice on our screen!  Crazy, right?!

To fill in the time I worked on some CandyGrams for the Boosters.  I rather enjoyed assembling these candy bars with CandyGrams from students at the 4th and 5th grade levels.  Reading some of the messages were quite entertaining, too!  

The ice slowly melted as the day progressed.  So we ventured out to take Eliza to see the Doctor.  She was still fighting a fever and it just wouldn't end.

Catching some HUGE snowflakes on the way into the Doctor.

Poor girl.  I could tell she wanted to feel normal, but she just couldn't rid herself of that darn fever.  The nurse took her temp and it was 98.6.  Go figure.  Her temp had been all over the place for days.  So strange.  They checked her tonsils.  They were enlarged and we all kind of figured it was Strep.  Nope.  Nothing there either.  It was truly a mystery illness.  We started her on antibiotics and she's been great ever since...thank goodness.

The next day was another snow day.  It was a good one because it wasn't like the Polar Vortex when the kids couldn't go outside at all.  Henry went outside a handful of times, as did Eliza and myself.  I didn't do much sledding, more of just watching and taking in the moments.

Having another day off for Eliza also meant that she had another day to recover without having to miss a day of school due to her fever.

Girlfriend was feeling MUCH better!  Jon and I just wanted our Eliza back!

Henry's rosy cheeks after sledding down the hill.  I swear he's an elf...  :)

On Thursday we celebrated Valentine's Day.  Eliza's class/school had several activities in the morning.

I loved spending time with my little lady!

Henry's Valentine's Day party was at 3.  I had my NST at 11:30.  I left Eliza's school at 11, drove up the expressway to my Doctor's office, drank a ton of water to get baby to move, sat for fifteen minutes while listening to that sweet little heartbeat and then I was done.  I drove over to a store to pick up some Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint for the crib and then drove back to our town to get in some grocery shopping. I had just enough time to get groceries so long as I kept moving.  Silly me, we live in a somewhat small town so of course I ran into several people I knew...not complaining, but I need to remind myself that it's basically impossible to not see people at the grocery store and that I should always, ALWAYS allot for extra "visiting" time whilst in aisle five.  LOL!

I checked-out, beelined it home, threw all I had into the refrigerator and drove straight to Henry's school for his class party.

Upon walking in Henry gave me the biggest hug EVER.  In fact, anytime I go to see him at school it's as if he hasn't seen me for months.  I love, love, love it.  I was just telling Jon the other day that he needs to go in to see Henry because I can guarantee he'll be the same way with Jon.  This boy is as lovable as lovable can be!  

We were able to leave school a little early and brother thought it was the coolest thing ever that we were allowed to leave.

We picked up Eliza and when the kids walked through the door they found all of this sitting on our dining room table!

It was like Christmas Day!  Henry and Eliza hugged and hugged and hugged me some more!

Look at these two with their little Valentine gifts.  Happy much?!

The kids then walked some Valentine's over to the neighbors...  I like how there's a question mark where it asks who it's from.  LOL!

On Friday I painted the nursery and then later in the day I started in on the crib...

Jon painted the back office/mudroom later in the afternoon!  The main level of our house has officially been repainted!  WooHoo!!!

Eliza wanted to help out, too...which was once again terrifying.  I told her I needed help on the back side of the crib.  Ha!  See what I did there? ;)

On Saturday we headed an hour north to take Henry to a belated birthday party at an extreme air sports recreation type place...I don't even know how to describe this awesome place.  The other three boys rode together, but we decided to drive Henry since I'd been wanting to visit some baby stores AND we were meeting my parents for dinner later that day.

To my surprise there weren't any actual baby stores in the area.  Target was close by, which sounded wonderful to me!  While in Target I picked up a nursing bra and a new maternity shirt.  We meant to purchase a baby bathtub, but as we were making our purchases I noticed lots of, what seemed to be, adult hair almost stuck to the the bath itself.  I couldn't deal.  We kindly gave the bathtub to the woman checking us out...she was even a little concerned over the amount of hair stuck to this tub...  LOL!  So odd...and gross.

Long story short, I now have a baby bathtub in my Amazon cart...hair free.  ;)

We met with my parents for dinner and by the time we arrived back home it was closer to 9 p.m.  What a great day - hairy bathtubs and all!

On Sunday we took our time waking up.  Henry ran next door to play with the neighbor boys and Eliza stayed back and assisted Jon with the assembling of a dresser for the nursery.  She was such a good little helper.

Girlfriend also made the kitty feel like a princess - as you can see, he loved it! ;)

I worked on laundry, made dinner and cleaned up the house.

My sister and her family came into town on Sunday evening and it was such a pleasant surprise!

They came over to visit for about two hours on Sunday night.

Monday was a busy one...

We had our construction guys come and change out our fourth delivery of our bathroom vanity.  The vanity we've been using has had a crack in it and Wayfair has since sent us three other vanities.  Two others also had cracks, but Wayfair was wonderful and just kept sending us new ones, along with a $200 credit for our troubles.  "The guys," as we like to call them, arrived nice and early at 7 a.m. on Monday morning to install the new vanity.  This meant our entire vanity had to be cleared out for the THIRD time.

I set out all of our clothes the night before and Jon moved the kids to the basement to eat breakfast before we had to leave for yet another Doctor's appointment.  I felt bad dragging the kids out of the house so early on their day off.  My appointment was at 9.  We were a few minutes late due to the back roads being absolutely terrible...but we made it!

I was also checked on Monday.  For those who care, baby is still super high and there's really nothing to report.  *shrugs shoulders*

After my appointment we rushed back home.  A nurse had called in some medication for this awful indigestion that's been keeping me up all night...unfortunately I was told at the pharmacy that it wouldn't be filled unit today.  BOOOO!  What's one more night of reflux and burning, right?

My sister and her family came back over to my house to visit for a couple of hours and then we took the kids to their dental appointments.  Great news - no cavities!  WooHoo!

After our appointments I said goodbye to my sister and her fam and then the kids and I came home and stayed home.  We had a makeup dance class that we didn't attend and we skipped out on Henry's Little Ninja class.  Both were scheduled at just about the same time; 6 and 6:20.  Jon arrived home after 6, so I'm not even entirely sure we would have made it to either activity anyway.

Now here we are.  It's Tuesday and methinks we may have some sort of routine in our lives for the remainder of the week.

The sun is shining, Eliza requested braids in her hair, I plan to ignore the laundry for a bit longer and I get to pick up my indigestion/heartburn medication today!  I'll take it!

Happy, happy, happy Tuesday, friends!

Marie :)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Welcome Wednesday - Weekend Recap

Somehow it's already Wednesday.

Wow - what a week and weekend we've had over here.  As of today we're on day nine of snow days.  My brain is a little fried at the moment, but I'll try my best on recapping our life happenings from the last week or so.

I'll take it back to two Mondays ago...

On Monday, February 4th, Eliza's school hosted a McTeacher's night at McDonald's.  The kids were absolutely thrilled to have McDonald's for dinner.  We went right after school in order to avoid the crowds and to ensure we'd make it to Henry's Little Ninja's class later in the evening...

Teachers had decorated McDonald's with artwork from Eliza's school.  Girlfriend was excited to show us her pretty picture she had made...

Later in the week I had printed off some bunny artwork (from Crown Prints) for the nursery.  I had found these two 20x30 frames from the grocery store.  They were on sale for $13.00 each!  Oh my goodness - I was so happy to find such a great deal for such large frames!

Eliza celebrated her 100th day of school.  I soooo wish she could have dressed up with gray hair and a cardigan.  If memory serves me right, I think she'll get to do so next year!

On Friday Jon and I entered phase two of our painting adventures - the living room.  I got the kids off to schools, ran some errands and then Jon and I painted our little hearts out.  I worked on the bottom half of the room and Jon worked on the top half.

We finished up by around 1 and then we got ourselves around to go see The Phantom of the Opera at my Alma Mater - Western Michigan University.

But first a bump picture!!!

Here I am at 34 weeks!

Jon's parents arrived and had mentioned that the roads weren't great.  I had heard earlier in the day that the roads were going to get pretty nasty.

Jon and I questioned whether or not we should attend the show.

I picked up the kids, came home and we decided to go since Grandma and Grandpa had driven almost two and a half hours to our house.

Our trip to the theatre took us two hours - it's usually only about an hour trip.  The roads were absolutely awful.  We tried our best to stay off the expressway, actually we didn't have much of a choice as the expressways were shut down in almost every direction due to accidents.

We made it to our first destination, a Chinese restaurant Jon and I used to frequent waaaay back before I was old enough to drink the Sake!  

Jon pouring my tea!

We had to stuff our faces...and FAST!

Since it had taken us two hours to get to my old college town, we only had about thirty minutes to order our food and eat it.  In the nicest of ways we mentioned to our server that we had a show to catch at 7:30.  She was awesome and made it all happen.

Like I said, we stuffed our faces as fast as possible and then hightailed it to the theatre.  Once inside the theatre lobby we were told the doors would be closing in thirty seconds and wouldn't open again for twelve minutes!  We ran - and I mean RAN to the other side of the lobby to get to our seats.

Phew!  We made it JUST in time!  It was crazy!

Also, sidenote, during intermission we were interviewed about the show by the University's school newspaper peeps.  They asked me a bunch of questions and I gave the most terrible responses.  It was one of those moments when I couldn't remember what I had just said after I had just said it...I was a mess!!!  Soooooooooo embarrassing...

The show was AMAZING!!!  I hadn't seen Phantom since my parents took me and my sister to the Pantages Theatre in Toronto twenty years ago!

Jon compares every show to Wicked.  He and I have seen Wicked three times together - it could be four - I honestly can't remember.  LOL!  One of those times includes seeing it on Broadway in NYC.  That's a hard one to compare anything to, you know.

Luckily Jon loved it.  His official review, "Way better than The Lion King and almost as good as Wicked."  Bahahaha!!!

He also gave it two thumbs up!

We were certain we'd be driving home after the show, but once out on the roads we realized it probably wasn't the best idea to attempt the drive.  Looooooong story short, we decided to get a room at a hotel for the night.  Fortunately I take my contacts case and glasses with me whenever we leave for longer road trips.  Jon went into a gas station and purchased some toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Both of us were pretty irritable from the long day and we just wanted to be home.  I set my alarm on my phone to ensure we'd be up nice and early the next day.

After the worst sleep EVER, the alarm went off (thank goodness) and we left the hotel room as quickly as possible.

The roads seemed better, but at about our half-way point Jon completely lost control of the car.  We had hit some ice and the car started to shake back and forth for what seemed like minutes, but it was actually only a few seconds.  You guys, it was really scary.  We immediately got off the expressway and took the backroads for the rest of the way home.

For as cranky we both were the night before, that little moment justified staying at a hotel for the night.

Once safely home, my FIL told us to look at our eggs.  Jon had planned on making his parents eggs benedict for breakfast and since that didn't happen, my FIL took matters into his own hands and made "Benny and Dick eggs."  Bahahaha!


I kissed the kids good morning.

I took one look at Eliza and knew something was wrong.  I grabbed a thermometer and took her temp.  Yup, she had a slight fever.  My in-laws had mentioned that she seemed really sleepy the night before - I'm guessing something icky had set in on Friday night.  I gave her some Tylenol and before I knew it she had fallen asleep.

She woke up feeling a bit better and her fever seemed to be down.  I had figured it had been 24 hours since her fever had started so we started to get ready for her first Daddy/Daughter Dance.  She still didn't seem herself, so we just took it one step at a time.  She really wanted to go to dinner with Jon and to her first dance, but Jon and I had decided that if at any point she wanted to leave to just do so...

My heart.  Oh, my heart......................

Henry was pumped about Eliza going to the Daddy/Daughter Dance.  I'm not entirely sure what he's doing here...I think showing off her face?  LOL!  So funny!

Mama wanted in on the pictures, so I hopped in there, too!

Not my best hair day.  Whatevs.

Henry and I headed out for a date of our own.  He was incredibly silly the entire night.  We went to look for new shoes and a new University of Michigan shirt for his upcoming Mommy/Son Night - no dice.  Henry did, however, find a new Nerf Gun he liked...  Oh boy...

We went out to eat at our favorite sandwich shop, Jimmy John's.

Henry talked and talked and talked and talked...and then wouldn't stop singing a song about me not having a "driving license."  For the record, I do in fact have a legal "driving" license.  I didn't know who this kid was and/or where he had came from!  Henry's usually a pretty quiet and serious kid.  I honestly didn't know what to do with all of his noise.  LOL!

Seriously.  He was all sorts of crazy...I kind of loved it, though...  :)

My face after the "driving license" song had repeated itself for the 1,368,851,571th time.

We ended our little date with fro-yo...and more singing.............................

Jon had texted me and told me that he and Eliza were home.  They went to the dance, took a picture and danced to a few songs and left.  Eliza had been asking for a bath, so Jon obliged and I'm so happy he did.  Girlfriend still wasn't looking or feeling herself - from here on out, Eliza had a fever that was on and off until Tuesday night.  I ended up taking her to see the Doctor.  She's currently on antibiotics to help fight off whatever is in her itty bitty system.

Jon and I took on painting our hallway on Sunday.  It involved painting around the carpeted steps going down to the basement and the tall ceilings that are almost impossible to paint in the corner of the hallway next to our bedroom - it was tough - but we got it done!  Phew!

I was one tired Mama!

I also finished up the peel and stick wallpaper wall in the nursery.  I still have a bit to trim, but so far it's looking great!  I'll keep you posted on this space!  There's still soooo much to do!

There you have it.  I'll stop there, I'll share more from this week in a post sometime next week.  I think I missed a few things from two weekends ago, but for the most part I feel all caught up.  I'm off to be as productive as possible on this ninth snow day...wish me luck.  Feel free to send wine...I can't drink it now, but I'll save it for 31 days from now!  ;) ;) ;)

Marie :)

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