Friday, September 21, 2018

Five on Friday

Happy FRIDAY!  Time to link up for some Five on Friday fun!
This shower curtain!

So, we're in the middle of a mini bathroom reno.  The kids' bathroom/guest bathroom has desperately needed a new vanity for a year or two now.  Apparently the sleek, lack of countertop or storage vanity that Jon and I picked out pre kids just isn't cutting it these days.  After much thought, lots of scrolling through various websites and many messages to girlfriends I finally settled upon a vanity and it arrived yesterday!  More to come on that next week.

While I hold you in suspense let me share with all of you this beauty.  I found an amazing picture on IG and later on Pinterest of this shower curtain in a beautiful bathroom and it struck my eye.  I just HAD to find out where it was from.  I'm usually a monochrome type of gal, but I can slowly feel myself gravitating toward color, flowers and patterns.  So, after much research I found it here on Anthropologie.  Now, I must say, it was a massive splurge, but just bear with me and know that it's one of those things that I know will last a nice purse or a pair of Hunter'll serve its purpose well and in the prettiest of ways.  :)

Both Henry and Eliza are loving the new Fancy Nancy cartoon series on Disney Junior.

Soooooooo, I don't know if I've been living under a rock or something but I just discovered these Nancy Clancy chapter books over on Amazon.  It has some mixed reviews, but I'm willing to try them out.  I'll let you know how they go and if you've already read these, I'd love to hear your opinion!

My school pick up line outfit.

Oooooh the benefits of not having to leave my vehicle.

You guys, it's been too hot of a September for me to put on real pants.  However, that also means that the air conditioning is cranked while I wait for the kiddos to be dismissed, which also means cold toes and cold forearms; hence the socks and cardigan.  Those pants you see?  Those are my, "painting pants."  They used to be long yoga type pants, but I cut them off years ago and now they serve as really classy Bermuda type shorts.  LOL!

Real life.  Real me.  Really....seriously...don't open my car door...please... ;) Ha!

These memes.

Who remembers Pogz?

You guys, I had totally forgotten about them until I stumbled upon this meme over on FB.  I can't remember what they were used for or how to "play" with Pogz, but I certainly remember collecting them.  Good times,  good times...

This.  This right here is me.

Gah!  Am I alone with this one?  Please tell me there's somebody out there who's the same way!

I know my Hobby Lobby pretty well, BUT - I could walk back and forth all day.  There's just so much to take in!

I need your help.  I'm really thinking of changing my blog name.

What do you guys think of, "Over at Marie's?"

I feel like my current blog name is a bit, well, formal.  I want to have a little more fun over here on my itty bitty corner of the World Wide Web and I feel like a name change would inspire me to do so. 

Can we all agree though that THE best blog name would probably be  LOL!  Aaaaaand let's see who gets that one!  Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on, Over at Marie's.  I feel like it's...well, me...

Thanks for reading guys!

Marie :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall Bucket List

Happy Thursday and Happy almost fall!

Those cooler temps are right around the corner here in Michigan and I seriously can't wait to bust out the leggings!

I'm linking up with Danielle, Emily, Lindsay, Lizzie and Sierra for their link up, Girl Chat.  This month's topic; Fall Bucket List!

Let's get to it!


Decorate for Fall - I have few fall decor items here and there, but I'm REALLY hoping to go all pumpkins on my house this weekend!  Ha!

Host a Hot Apple Cider and Doughnut Stand for Kids - I had a plan in my head about two months ago for a DIY lemonade/hot cocoa/apple cider stand.  Jon put it together for me and hopefully we can get the kids out there to put it use.  I can't wait to share it with you guys - it's great for all seasons!

Visit a Farm - About two years ago we found a quaint little farm and have been going back ever since.  It's definitely become our fall tradition to visit this sweet farm every year.  It's never crowded and it's chock-full of fun activities for the kids.

Carve Pumpkins - This is always so fun.  I loooove carving pumpkins.  I'd say I take it the most seriously out of all of us.  The more intricate the stencil, the better - I love the challenge.

Go on a Hayride - This will probably take place at that quaint little farm I spoke about up there.

Jump in the Leaves - Always a favorite.  Our front Maple tree has always supplied us with ample leaves.  :)

Make Pumpkin Bread - My girl, Sara, has THE best Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread Recipe and I fully intend on making it a handful of times.  So good, you guys, so good!

Make a Pumpkin Roll - A few years ago I made a point of wanting to start of tradition of making a delicious treat to bring to Thanksgiving.  We live about two hours from all of our family so I needed to find something that could travel well and preferably stay frozen.  I settled on a pumpkin roll and went for it.  Let me tell you, those suckers are difficult to make, but I persevered.  I've been making it every year since and I want it to be known as my traditional/staple dessert, whether you like it or not!  LOL!

Take a Fall Family Photo - This NEEDS to happen.  We've taken pictures over the years, but the last professional picture we had taken was in the fall of 2013...Eliza wasn't even one!  Oops!

Go on a Nature Walk - We have a perfect little path here in our town that would be gorgeous to walk through while the leaves are changing.  I just know the kids will love it!

Go to a Parade - Speaking of our little town, the Saturday before Halloween our downtown puts on a Halloween parade.  Sometimes it can be a little scary for the kids, but Jon and I can usually tell the kids not to look before anything spooky comes our way.  Oh and it's at night, too, which makes it that much for fun!

Go Through a Corn Maze - This will also probably happen at that farm.  I'm absolutely terrible at corn mazes so I always just follow Jon until we make our way back out.  In every day life I'm great at directions...corn mazes though...nope.  If I were left alone in a corn maze I'd be the one calling or texting for help...for sure...  *nervous laughter*

Watch A Halloween Movie or Two - Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus...  Yes and Yes.

Go Trick-or-Treating - Of course this is for "the children," but let's be real, every year I send the kids out there to get me some 100 Grand candy bars.  ;)

Make Caramel Apples - Mmm...I'm craving these this year!  I'm sure Henry and Eliza would love making caramel apples, too!

Make a Thankful Tree - I've always wanted to do this but am usually just too lazy.  I know the kids are grateful, but it'd serve as a good reminder for just how much we should be grateful for.

Phew.  I think all of this can happen, I really do.  It'll be fun to document all of the fun and share what we've done as autumn continues.

We're almost there, you guys...I can almost smell 60 degrees!  LOL!

Marie :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Life Lately

Last week was an odd one.

It was to be the kids' first full five day week back to school, but some a few germs had their own idea.

You wouldn't have thought the week would be anything but butterflies and rainbows, but it quickly turned into fevers, throwing up, chills and naps.  Yuck.

Speaking of rainbows, check out this beauty that formed at the beginning of the week...

So pretty.

Henry had school picture day on Monday and I CANNOT wait to get his pictures back!  Eek!  The suspense, you guys, I'm so excited!

Also, check out Eliza's fall decorating behind Henry.  I guess I'm not using that switch any time soon.  LOL!

Later that Monday we were supposed to go to Little Ninjas for the first time, but Henry was complaining about a belly ache, so we stayed home.  Jon and I were completely content with this as we've been hesitant to join Little Ninjas anyway.  It goes until June, so we've been in no rush to sign up.

Later that night I started to feel a bit icky myself and I awoke in the middle of the night to Henry telling me he felt sick and that we felt like he might throw up...and throw up he did...luckily in the toilet.  TMI, I know, but the fact that we're not making it to the bathroom for this kind of thing is amazing.

I woke up Jon and asked him to assist Henry as I was feeling quite miserable myself...lots of chills.

The next morning I decided to keep Henry home for the morning to see how he would feel by about 11ish.  We still had to drop off Eliza at school which was tough for both of us.

Henry and I came home, I gave him a bath and then we both passed out for two hours.  TWO HOURS!  I think we needed each other to sleep in order for us both to feel better.  It worked.  I called the school and informed them that he'd be staying home for the remainder of the day.  We picked up some McDonald's for lunch and hung out watching cartoons for the remainder of the afternoon until it was time to pick up Eliza from school.

Brother managed to spike a fever later in the evening, but we gave him some medicine and he was asleep by 7:30.

By the next morning he was just about back to his normal self.

Wednesday was Eliza's school picture day!  I told her her jean jacket was optional and that it was up to her on whether she wanted to wear it or not.  We'll see...  Ha!  She has my heart.

I spotted this sweet little hand in my mirror on the way to school on Thursday (don't worry I was stopped when I snapped this pic).

Girlfriend and her style.  Can you say, "Fancy Nancy?!"  Sometimes I have to tell her, "no," for certain outfits.  This one I left alone.  The layering and all the shades of pink and that bow.  Oh my gosh.  She's just so girly and I love her independence.  :)

On Friday we decided to head down the lake for ice cream.  It took us probably about 45 minutes or so to get there what with a little bit of tubing and all, but for the most part we tubed right on down the lake.

We made it to the ice cream store just in time, too.  They closed at 7 and Jon and I didn't really put it together that their times had changed after Labor Day!  Phew!

We tubed back home and let the kids ride through all the channels...

On Saturday we attended our local AppleFest.

You'd think we'd buy apples, cider and/or doughnuts.

Nope.  Flavored Ice!

There were lots of good finds...

Eliza brought her purse and wallet and informed me that she also brought along five dollars of her own money.  She ended up buying some cat ears...although she had to borrow $1.50 from Jon to make the entire purchase.  It was adorable watching her get out her dollar bills to pay.

For lunch Jon and I headed over to a local church that was putting on a Mediterranean meal.  It was fantastic and the woman who cooked it all would love to open up a restaurant!  We desperately need more restaurants in our little town and let me tell you - my heart has a special place for Mediterranean food - I soooo hope it happens!

Once home we cleaned up the house and turned on the Michigan game.  My sister and her family came over to visit for the night.  It was nice to catch up and see all the kiddos!

We woke up on Sunday and just hung out.  We got out on the lake and swam a bit and got in some tube rides before my sis and her fam had to hit the road.

Jon and I forced the kids back out on the lake and on the boat as our warm summer weather is coming to a close later this week.  I even forced myself to swim since I knew for a fact that after Thursday there would be no chance of me getting back in.  So we all did it to say we did.  We're always trying to stretch out our lake time for as long as possible (although I'm craving fall temps).

Oh and check out this picture I got of Jon jumping in the water!  Doesn't it look like he's standing on it or it's photoshopped?!  So cool!  Of camera phone, you're so cool.

What a great summer we had over here!

Okay, so - come on fall, we went swimming and I'm officially done with sandals!!! ;) ;) ;)

Marie :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Life Lately

Haaaaappy Monday!  It feels like fall today and I'm loving it.  Temps are in the low/mid 60's and a it's sprinkling outside.  I love, love, love it today.  Oh and I busted out my rain boots and hooded poncho! WooHoo!  That being said, it's going to in the 80's for the rest of the week, I'll let it slide especially since I feel like all of us Michiganders know that this week will more than likely be the end of warmer temps for quite some time.

We've been busy with all-things-back-to-school and I've been doing some organizing and some resting while the kids have been back to school.  I've gone from headaches to straight up gross-ness of sneezing, phlegm and non-stop coughing.  So.  Much.  Coughing.  I'm over it.  

Eliza also had a little thing going on with her thumb.  Girlfriend pulled off a nail last week and although this picture doesn't show much, Jon and I were concerned that it wasn't getting better and that it could get worse.  So I scheduled her an appointment and picked up some medicine.

I picked up Henry from school and I've been cracking up whenever he shows up with his shirts tucked into his pants.  He's such a little man...I could just eat him up.  I just can't get enough of him!  

Little Miss had her first day of dance class!!!  She rocked it and, not to mention, looooved it!  She was thrilled to see her girlfriends again and apparently I was just as excited because I turned into a Chatty Cathy while in the waiting room with all the other Mamas.  I swear I need a mute button least I acknowledge this of myself, right?

This studio.  These pics...  In love...

The day I took Eliza to the Doctor for her thumb was also the the day she decided to do her own hair.  Sure - it's a little messy, but, you guys (!!!) - I was so impressed that I let her keep it in for school.  Besides, what kind of Mama would I have been had I taken it out and started all over after she put in so much effort.  I love Eliza's independence!  Seriously - I don't think I could put my hair in a pony until 4th or 5th grade!!!

I ran into the grocery store and spotted a few items I'd love to pick up at some point.

These Pioneer Woman cookbooks...

The Magnolia Table cookbook...

And these pretty fall sweaters.  Our grocery store has some really cute fall clothes right now...

Jon went to Chicago to visit some friends from Friday to Saturday and while he was gone I continued to sneeze, cough and blow my nose.  I also happened to manage to get some paper sorting accomplished...

On Sunday I tried to get in some more R&R and Henry brought this out to me.  He's so thoughtful.  He did say he had to cut the banana with scissors (kid-friendly scissors)...this that made me laugh on the inside considering a banana is, well...soft...  Kids are the best.

Eliza put makeup on me and did my hair on both Saturday and Sunday.  None of this made my "sickness" any better, but hey - I'll take pampering in any form!  LOL!

I'm hoping this cough subsides soon.  I have so much I want to do and share - I crave my healthier self!

Off to drink something warm while I sit next to my humidifier...

Thanks for stopping by!

Marie :)

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday!  WooHoo!  Boy, that entire Labor Day weekend felt long, but somehow short all at the same time.  I did a lot of reading and finished, Girl Wash Your Face, and it definitely has me motivated to make some things happen.  I'd love to jump into another book, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for?  Maybe another inspirational type book...?  I'd love to hear what you're reading.  Suggestions?

Our weekend began on Thursday evening with some friends stopping by our house to spend the night.  They were coming from the Petoskey area (northern Michigan) and heading to visit family in Kentucky.  It was nice having both of them here and Jon and I loved catching up on all-things-life.

After they left on Friday (around 10:00ish), I gathered up some swimsuits, towels and packed some lunches for an 11:00 a.m. splash pad playdate with our friends, Liz and Brandon and their two daughters.  Jon had to run up to his office for a bit and he eventually met us there.  We hadn't been to the splash pad all summer so I was thrilled to take the kids since it was set to close after Monday.  The kids had a great time and it was awesome catching up with Liz and Brandon.

Lots of catching up with people, I tell ya'!  :)

Earlier in the week my friend Sara's in-laws had asked if our kids would be interested in going on a hot dog ride with their grandkids (Sara's kids) at 3:00.  We of course said yes!  The hot dog was hilarious and we were out on the lake for two hours just hot dogging around!  LOL!

Whew!  We were all over the place on Friday, but I'm happy because the kids loved every minute of this particular day.

On Saturday I woke up to a terrible headache.  I could feel it coming on on Friday evening and had hoped I could sleep it off.  Nope.  You guys, it was really, really awful.  I know there are worse things in this world, but man, this headache put me down for the entire day.  I can't remember the last time I was in bed or napping all day.  You know what they say, "Moms don't take sick days?"  Well, I took one and I felt like the worst parent ever, but I just couldn't function.  It was gorgeous outside, too.  Ugh.  It was soooo not fun feeling that way all day.

Around 6 my headache finally, FINALLY subsided and thank goodness because I had planned our one night to eat out for Saturday night and I reaaaally wanted to enjoy not having to cook.  Also, the Michigan/Notre Dame game was on.

I gave in and let the kids eat their dinner on the couch, hence the blankets surrounding their bodies.  HaHa!

On Sunday I woke up feeling sooooooooo much better.  All the praise hands!  It was as if I was a completely different person.  As Henry would say, "Thank the gods."  LOL!

The kids went swimming, the lake was busy, busy, busy and the weather was glorious.  A perfect day.

On Monday the kids played with the neighbor boys.  I woke up feeling not as chipper as the day before, but I was able to get a few things done around the house, which felt really great.  I found a cozy spot on our covered porch and finished reading my book.  It began to rain, then it stopped, then it began again, then it STORMED!  Whoa!  It was intense!  We lost power for a few hours, but managed to get out on the lake once the storm had passed...we were going to decide when summer ended.  Hahaha!

Our neighbors invited us out for some tubing and their boys rocked it!  We need to get our kids moving a little faster out there!  Henry was exhausted from the weekend and he cried a little bit.  Eliza, per usual, just kept going (girlfriend is somehow related to the Energizer Bunny, I just know it - Haha).  It was a great time and we basically owned the lake since the storm had pushed everyone off of it.  That's always one of the best times to go.  ;)

After running up and down the lake a handful of times we decided to head home since it looked like another storm was a-brewin.  Nothing like speeding down the lake with rain drops hitting your face!  So fun!!!  This was how Henry and Eliza handled the situation.  Bahaha!

Happy end of summer!  LOL!

We just need to move past the 87 and 88 degree days we're having here today and tomorrow and then I'm all, "Pumpkin Spice Latteeeeeeeeees!!!!"

Eek!!!  So excited!!!

Marie :) :) :)

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